Diffrent *Aphmau MCD fanfic*

(Y/N) Fire, the one and only daughter of Shad, escapes the nether. She knows she must hide her heritage, and her powers, but most of all, she must act human. But what happens when she meets the one and only Aphmau?! She hates her dad, but, If they found out her real history, would they care that she hates him?!


1. Things you need to know

(Y/N)= Your name

(F/C)= Favorite color 

(H/C)=Hair color

(R/E/C)= Real Eye color

(F/N)=Fake Name 

In this fanfic your eye change color due to your emotions, you can control this, but, if your emotions catch you by surprise, you cant.

Furious= bright red

Depressed=Dark blue


Crazy happy= Bright green 

Determined= Dark Brown

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