First time, real live sex.


11. 11

Chapter 11

   After my conversation with Ann the next time Paul propositioned me with regard to a modelling job I decided to except his offer. Freedom at last, I thought on quitting my boring office work. However, although I had observed Ann and had one previous go at modelling with Paul instructing me on a one to one how to walk and move, I had to learn to anticipated what was required of me. To be honest, I certainly found it very hard work. There were a couple of perks. Paul allowed me to wear his fab outfits when I went clubbing with him, and best of all I could wear my red hair all the time.

   Naturally there’s always a price to pay. Ann is very understanding and doesn’t object that from time to time I have to share Paul's bed. 

   I had a phone call. It was Richard my housekeeping friend with the blue hair, ringing from London. Had I seen the latest fashion mag?

   Omg! I’m famous I have my photo on the front cover of a fashion magazine wearing one of Paul’s creations. I had another phone call this time from an agent. Other designers want me to model for them.

   Wow things can’t get any better.

   Paul’s upset by all the attention I’m getting. He explains to me in no uncertain terms, I was his model exclusively. He had discovered me. He owned me. As a reminder of his power over me, he showed me again those photos I had stupidly allowed him to take of me while I was lying in his bed with only a sheet partly covering my naked lower body, laughing and making seductive faces for the camera. 

   Oh, fuck it. I’m in trouble again but it’s not my fault. I was at this party and getting hot dancing. I took off my jacket, or rather the top half of one of Paul’s creations, and it got stolen. Okay Paul had said if I needed clothes just take anything off the rail and use it, so I did.

    The problem was I had muddled up the rails and had taken one from the new collection he was about to show.

    Ann has told me not to worry as they always made backups of all designs in a range of sizes just in case. But it would be best to keep out of Paul’s way because when upset he can get very nasty, especially in public.

    Unfortunately, she was too late with this advice and I must admit I have never seen him so angry before or, hopefully, will ever again.

   Later, in private, Paul even suggested I had left the jacket somewhere on purpose so he would let me go, which would leave me free to sign up with the agent. I assured him that was not true.  

   Good god I thought how could he think I would do such a terrible a thing and what a devious mind he must have.


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