First time, real live sex.


9. 9 ec

Chapter 9

   I watched as Ann moved along the catwalk. Every now and then there was a flash as her photo was being taken. Today she was modelling some rather revealing underwear. Thankfully I was sitting down in the back row and was able to cover my excitement with my coat, otherwise it would have been most embarrassing. 

   Much later back at Ann’s place she attacked me, there was no stopping her. Within seconds she had my jeans unzipped and was into my pants. Unlike Helen, she was certainly hands on. She had even produced a rubber and before I knew it we were both naked and she had guided me inside her. It felt most strange as our bodies came together and fitted all the way up so my chest and her breasts touched. We kissed. She opened her long legs and wrapped them around me. Omg! The sensation I felt as I moved in and out was unbelievable. It was the first time I had experienced real live sex with a girl and I had to admit I loved it.


   John had phoned it was the end of term and he was coming home. I decided to surprise him by meeting his train.

 “Omg! What have you done to your hair!” John exclaimed when he saw me.

 “You like!” I asked.

 “Fuck it’s so bright, I’ll need to were sunglasses when I’m with you.” He replied laughing.

 “Okay I can live with that, but you have to take them off in bed when we have sex.”

   That remark made John stop walking. His reply of “That’s not going to happen ever again,” shocked me.

   “why?” I asked.

   “I’ve met someone and she wouldn’t approve. So, from now on I’m going straight.”

   “Does that mean we can’t be friends anymore?” I asked in a quiet voice dreading the answer.

   “Only if you can keep your hands off me.”  John said laughing.

   Fuck I thought and wondered how long he would last before knocking on my door, because just like me even with a girlfriend getting my leg over I still couldn’t stop thinking about having boy-boy sex.


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