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7. 7

Chapter 7

   Now at a loose end with nothing to do I went looking for housekeeping. It so happened he had just finished his morning shift and was about to leave. I told him I felt all alone now my so-called friends had ditched me. Laughing he asked if I would like to come along with him.

   As we walked we talked. His name was Richard. I asked why the blue hair. He said he’d done it originally to piss off his dad. But soon found people he didn’t know coming up to him and just saying hello.

  I had jokingly said that if I had my hair dyed I would choose it to be red. Before I knew it Richard had taken me to see his barber, who suggested I have a completely new hair style. He demonstrated by using a pair of number two electric clippers to remove hair from both the sides and back of my head. He then dyed what was left of my hair a red colour. He also did my eyebrows to match. When finished, he assured me that the colour could be washed out and the hair would regrow in time.

   OMG! When I looked in the mirror, I was both shocked and pleased with the results. Gone was the old-fashioned college boy hair style in its place was a new me.

  Almost as soon as we left the barbers, I began to notice people stopping to look in our direction. We had just crossed Westminster bridge when this family, who obviously were tourists, wanted to take photos of their children with us showing the Houses of Parliament in the background. Naturally we obliged. That started others wanting photos with us in them. Laughing we eventually escaped this, only to be accosted again when we moved down towards the London Eye.

  Just passed the Eye with its crowds of people queuing to get on, we came across a load of human statues.

  For the fun of it we stood their arm in arm posing as if we were kissing trying not to move. It took a lot of will power not to laugh when a group of tourists gathered around us taking photos. I must admit we could only hold the pose for a few minutes. But the clapping when we did move was worth it.

  Next came a carousel with some adults, but mainly children, riding the horses moving up and down as it moved round.

  Then just before the stairs to the next bridge to cross. we discovered an entrance to a theatre through some trees. The path also led to an area set out with tables and bench seats with stalls selling food.          

  Back at the hotel, again after having had something to eat from one of the stalls, my treat. Richard and I parted company. He went in at the staff entrance, leaving me to retrieve the key to my room from reception. I was tired from the long walk and my feet hurt so, after getting my key, I went straight up to my room for a rest.

  I was lying on the bed in only my underwear watching TV when there was a knocking on the door. Looking through the spyhole thing set in the door I could see it was only Richard, so I let him in.

  He had come to remind me he would call for me later because he was taking me to this gay night club near Charing Cross station called ‘Heaven’. But the real reason for calling was to see if his spare pants and shirt would fit me. To my surprise he stripped naked and handed me his clothes to try on for size.

  Thankfully I was the same size as Richard but thinner, so his things fitted me even with underpants on. But what really excited me was I could feel the lingering warmth of his body and the animal smell that was distinctly his coming from the clothes I now wore.

  Reluctantly I gave Richard his clothes back so he could go to work.

  ‘Heaven’ was really mind boggling. I couldn’t believe my eyes seeing so many young gay men in one place. Richard introduce me to loads of his friends as his gay young brother or so I thought, as the noise level was so loud with all those people talking to each other. I couldn’t quite hear. It was only later that I found out he had referred to me as his gay young lover, which had certainly kept me safe. Yet while dancing, I did now and then find the occasional hand caress my rear end.

  The evening flashed by it was like pure magic. Naturally Richard stayed the night in my room. So, we could say our goodbyes properly as I was leaving for home in the morning.


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