First time, real live sex.


5. 5 ec

Chapter 5 

  After the evening I’d just had with Helen, John’s smile of welcome when he opened the door was a pleasure to behold. All my worry and upset was instantly washed away. Once inside with the front door closed behind me and after he’d hung my coat up we embraced and kissed for the very first time. I have to admit that kiss took my breath away. He then took my hand and led me upstairs to his bedroom where his king-sized bed awaited us.

  Helen came around to see me. We had a long chat in my bedroom sitting on the bed talking privately with the door shut. She said she was sorry about what happened at the pictures the other day. I told her I was also sorry and missed her and mover closer to her putting my arm around her shoulders. She fell back into my arms, I kissed her, which turned into a cuddle and we were back to our old routine or so I thought. That was until her hand after undoing my trousers’ belt pushed it way through the waist band of both my trousers and underpants then started fondling my semi hard erection. I in turn unzipped my trousers giving her more room. Then stretching my legs out, I lay back on the bed closed my eyes and just enjoyed the moment.

   I met up with John a few days later, he was taking me bird watching. He was a keen photographer; his gear was really impressive. He had one of those big cameras with a screw on barrel type lens which brought everything near. To be honest it was the idea of being alone with him that appealed to me. A bit of you know what in the tall grass or bushes was more my thing. Fuck it I thought when we met up with a couple of old men in a hide. To say I was pissed off when time passed waiting for some fucking bird to appear. Apparently, I found out later, men who watched birds are called twitters. To my way of thinking they were a couple of old farts. Thankfully after taking their photos, they buggered off leaving us to it.

  I must admit that day wasn’t a total loss. I did learn a few new moves. One being how to take photos of birds in flight.

  “Fuck.” It amazes me when things are going so well something always comes along and bugger’s it up.

   My relationship with Helen has improved greatly she’s teaching me to dance and through her we are going out to lots of parties. With regarding sex she has progressed from using her hands full on after that first time to now occasionally giving me an actual blow job.

  John on the other hand is teaching me how to take photos and under cover of trips out he’s looking after my other side sex-wise.

  My problem is what to do about Helen, Sammy apparently through the blue haired boy from the hotels housekeeping had discovered where I lived. It was either me going to London or him visiting me here which certainly wasn’t an option.

  Thankfully John came to my rescue. He was returning to London for his last term at university and under the guise of taking photos he had planned our trip.

  Naturally Helen was not interested in coming with us. Having once experienced going to the hide and being bored out of her mind and then being told off for receiving calls and chatting away in a loud voice by our friendly twitters was the last straw. In a huff she had insisted we take her home, vowing never to come out with us again. 

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