First time, real live sex.


4. 4 ec

Chapter 4

   The train journey home was quite an adventure. To start with seats on long distant trains are grouped mostly in rows of twos facing the same way either side of a walk-through gangway so naturally being a single person I would have a stranger sitting next to me. So, when this very cute looking young man around about Sammy's age sat down in the seat next to me. I thought I would have some fun and play a game to see if I could attract his attention. I just happened to while in London visit a sex shop and had purchased some toys and several gay magazines.

   Naturally my first course of action was once the train had left the station was to take out one of the magazines and openly look at the photos.

   Every now and then I would look out of the window and catch the reflection of him looking at my magazine. I also could see he was trying to hide a growing erection.

   After a while I took pity on him and reaching down to my bag I brought out another one of my magazines and handed it to him saying, “Enjoy.” Funnily enough that sort of broke the ice and we were no longer strangers.

  My troubles started almost as soon as I arrive home. Mum had put her foot in it regarding my trip to London.  Helen my girlfriend came around demanding to know why I hadn’t taken her with me.

   Shit I thought no way could I tell her the truth that I had gone to meet a young man. How could I tell her it was her fault that I had looked elsewhere for sex? My main problem with Helen was she would only go so far, like kissing, cuddling, and letting me fondle her breasts. In return she would handle my cock through the fabric of my underwear and that was it.  This I found most frustrating. And as for getting my leg over that was a no, no.

  Thankfully I found out from an early age that I also was attracted to boys meaning basically I was bisexual. So, when the opportunity to have sex presented itself between Sammy and myself I had jumped at it.

   Now to answer her question. I lied making up a cock and ball story that I had gone for a job interview and that she would have been bored out of her mind being on her own most of the time. Thankfully that shut her up for the moment. Next, she wanted to go out that evening. Fuck I thought. I had arranged to meet up with John the cute young man I had met on the train coming home. It was our only opportunity to see each other alone before his family turned up. Telling Helen that I would be busy was not an option.

   John when I phone him was very understanding once again I lied making out that I couldn’t just leave my family after being away especially as they had planned a welcome home meal. He suggested maybe I could come over later and he didn’t mind how late it was as long as I stayed the night.

   For my date with Helen I decided to play it cool and dress accordingly. We had arranged to go to the pictures and as usual we chose to sit in the back row, where we were afforded some privacy, especially with my coat covering our lower halves. It started with kissing and me feeling her breasts.  While this was going on Helen undid my belt and pushed her hand into my trousers waist in anticipation of playing with my hard erection through the fabric of my underpants, to say she got a big surprise when she found I wasn’t wearing any underwear was an understatement. I think her reaction was a bit much and uncalled for. It ended with us being ejected from the place. And not talking to each other.

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