First time, real live sex.


3. 3 ec

Chapter 3

   I was still in bed, Sammy had just left for his ten o’clock lecture. Last night had been my first real full body contact. Although I felt sore in places it had been awesome. I was drifting in and out of sleep when I think I heard a distant bell and knocking.

   Suddenly I was aware of this young man standing there he had bright blue hair and was wearing really tight-fitting trousers that left almost nothing to one’s imagination. He had an arm full of towels. Apparently housekeeping, had come to service. 


   Housekeeping was certainly a pretty boy. We exchanged smiles as he did his job of changing towels and general cleaning. I caught him glancing at me in the wardrobe mirror. I decided to have some fun. I moved so that he could see the shape of what I had to offer through the fabric of the sheet covering my naked body. Disappointingly he quickly left.

  Later when Sammy returned I laughing told him about housekeeping. His response surprised me. Apparently after what had happened between us last night he expected me not to fool around with others.

   In response I told him if he didn’t want me answering the door he should have put the do not disturb notice on the door handle. Which he did after lunch when he went back for the afternoon lecture. Almost as soon as he left I replaced it with the notice please clean.  

   Housekeeping returned this time I was ready for the young man with bright blue hair as soon as he entered the room I went for a shower leaving the bathroom door open. The funny thing about this hotel the shower head was positioned over the bath and only a clear glass panel stopped the water splashing the bathroom floor.

    While soaped myself I made sure that first my backside was pushed against the see-through glass panel and then turning around I showed off my, by then hard erection.

   Thankfully the boy before leaving this time made the bed with clean sheets.

   Naturally I did not mention any of this to Sammy. Once again, we went out for a meal then afterwards it's  bed for more fun and games before sleep.

   The following Day being a Saturday meant we could stay in bed together longer as there were no lectures to attend over the week end. 

   I awoke to the sound of the hotel bedroom door being opened Sammy who was lying next to me was sound asleep. Housekeeping had arrived. Putting my finger to my lips so indicating that the blue haired boy needed to be quiet. I then pointed to the bathroom.  Slowly easing myself out of bed making sure I did not disturb Sammy. I followed the blue haired boy into the bathroom and shut the door. I must admit once inside I was pleasantly surprised how well-endowed he was. Later after the boy had cleaned up and replaced the towels, he left.

  Thankfully after a shower I returned to bed and when Sammy awoke he was none the wiser.  

  Omg Sammy wants to take me home to introduce me to his flat mates. And possibly stay the night which really fucks up my plans and there’s no way to tell housekeeping.

  However, plans change and we stay another night in the hotel room. While out I go to a chemist and get tablets for not being able to sleep.

   I make Sammy a drink of chocolate using the room facilities provided and slip a couple of crushed sleeping tablets in the mug.

   When in the morning I let housekeeping in Sammy was still snoring away. The blue haired boy striped naked and got into bed between us.

  Not only did he have his way with me but he also attended to Sammy while he’s still asleep.

   Afterwards housekeeping was up and at it. I watched him from the bed getting dressed and all business like he cleaned the room, replaced the towels in the bathroom then with a wave and a sweet smile he left.

  Sammy when he eventually awoke helped me pack and wanted me to come to see him again next month naturally I suggested staying in the same hotel as I thought the room service was certainly one of the best.  

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