First time, real live sex.


2. 2 ec

Chapter 2

   Sammy had booked a room for us in a nearby hotel which turned out to be this small charming gay establishment. Talk about coming out, this was ridicules especially as I was straight. Yet, it enabled us to share a room with a king-sized bed without questions.

   After leaving my things in the room.  We went out to get something to eat. I had only once before been to London, so it was very interesting for me to see all the new development that had gone on since then.

   We ended up in one of those posh bar restaurants along the south bank. I found talking to Sammy very easy he had this crazy sense of humour that made me laugh. Watching him sitting there across from me, I suddenly realised how very good-looking he was. He had this sexy smile and those, oh so kissable lips. My cock twitched at the thought of that earlier kiss. So not to embarrass myself by getting a hard on I looked around at the other people in the restaurant and noticed everyone was in designer gear including Sammy, God I felt so provincial sitting there in my old jeans and tee shirt.

   It was getting dark when we eventually got back to our hotel room. At first, we just lay their side by side fully dressed on top of that very large king-sized bed neither of us willing to get undressed. That was strange in a sort of funny way, as we had already both seen each other naked on cam. I imagined Sammy felt as embarrassed as I did.

  What the hell, I thought, had I come all this way to chicken out at the first hurdle. No way I told myself so I got up and selected a vamp song I liked on my now charged phone pad. Then swaying slowly in time to the music, I removed my tee shirt, all the while gyrating like a stripper. When I was almost totally naked except for my boxer under pants, I leaped onto the bed and straddled Sammy’s lower body. By then he was laughing fit to bust.

   I started by unbuttoning his shirt, first exposing his neck then his chest and his nipples which looked so good that I stopped and had a good suck of them, before slowly proceeding to work my way down to his naval. By then both his trousers and my boxers were showing hard erections.

   Still laughing Sammy reached for my 8-inch cock, which had slid into view and was standing to attention having escaped through the fly opening of my boxers. He just touched it and O M G I shot my fucking load. It just spurted out and splattered everywhere. When I say everywhere, I’m talking about Sammy’s body, the cum dripped from his hair, face, bare chest and unfortunately it had landed on his designer shirt and trousers. He looked somewhat funny lying there covered like that.

   I must admit I had a great deal of trouble controlling myself from bursting out laughing. I did however; grab a towel from the bathroom to help mop up.

   “Oh, I’m so sorry, that’s never happened to me before.” God, I felt so embarrassed, and, started laughing.

   “I hardly touched it,” Sammy laughingly uttered while mopping up with the towel I had given him. Thankfully, he had seen the funny side or so I thought.   

 “It must have been the excitement, of a real live encounter.” I said apologetically.

   It was only after stripping and seeing the state of his clothes that Sammy exclaimed angrily “Look what you’ve done.”

  “Accidents happen,” I declared.

  “Fuck you.” Sammy said. “You’re not the one having to walk around with all these stains showing.”

  Oh, hell I thought everything going wrong. I had to do something to salvage the situation or what was the point of my coming all the way down here. Suddenly I had a thought and started sorting through the paper work on the side table. After finding what I wanted, I turned to Sammy and suggested, “How about if I paid for your things to be cleaned using the hotels overnight dry-cleaning and laundry service.”

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