First time, real live sex.


10. 10

Chapter 10

   I had arranged with Ann to go out to lunch after the morning run through of that evening’s fashion show. I was sitting quietly watching the girls walk down the catwalk and thinking how much effort went into showing off clothes. I had wrongly thought that the models just did their thing, but, oh no, they had to be instructed how to walk by the designer. I also observed wandering around the room was a cute looking young man with a camera taking photos. At one stage he came over and sat down in the chair next to me to take a shot. After which he turned to me and stated, “I like your red hair, I think it would go well with one of my outfits.” Apparently, he was a designer and asked if I would try on the outfit in question so he could take a photo and see if the red hair worked.

   Thankfully, I was wearing underpants for a change otherwise it would have been quite embarrassing because I was expected to strip down in front of everyone in the back room. Due to my being quite skinny the outfit fitted me like a glove except for the crutch area where, being well endowed, it felt somewhat tight. This did not stop the designer chap named Paul from asking me to walk along the catwalk and telling me what to do all the while taking photos.

   At the end of the session while Ann was powdering her nose Paul gave me his card with his personal phone number on the back. He suggested maybe we could get together at his home for a drink or something to talk about my future in modelling.

    Later over lunch, when I mentioned Paul giving me his card.  Ann laughed and said. “You know he’s gay and getting together at his home for a drink or something is his way of asking if your also gay or bi and if so will you go to bed with him.”

   Keeping what Ann had told me in mind, I phoned Paul and arranged to meet him the following week, Knowing Ann would be away with the show on tour then.


   Paul and I were in bed totally naked. Things were going great until it came to fucking. The problem we had was Paul was short and slightly overweight and I was tall and skinny, so even with a pillow or two under his bottom raising him up no way could we get comfortable. If he’d been a girl it would have been a different story. Another alternate was to do it doggy style which was not my thing. It was impersonal and I liked to watch the other guy’s face and occasionally kiss.

   Unfortunately, by then it was too late. I was no longer aroused or in the mood.

   Thankfully Paul agreed that I could stay the night so instead of having to get dressed and drive home at some ungodly hour. I just turned on my side and went to sleep.

   In the morning I found I had rolled over during the night and was up against Paul’s back. Apparently, he was also awake. So, I stretched out and putting my arms around his naked body I pulled him closer and while kissing his neck, we slowly joined. The sex that followed in that position was really intimate and certainly made up for the disappointment of our earlier attempt.

   You ‘Stupid, Stupid, Idiot’, I thought looking in the mirror. I had broken the cardinal rule’ never ever shit in your own garden’. Having sex with Paul had been a big mistake.

   Now every time I watched Ann doing her thing on the catwalk. I was afraid of running into Paul. In fact, he was hounding me to model his outfits amongst other things.

   To my surprise it was Ann who brought up the subject of Paul. We were in bed and having sex at the time. I had been hard at it doing my thing pumping away, getting her really worked up, or so I thought by the sounds she was making. When out of the blue she had said “I don’t mind if you are sleeping with him Andy, make the most of it and model his clothes,” Talk about her faking it, at that point I almost lost my erection, but, thankfully, instead recovered enough to shoot my load.  

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