First time, real live sex.


1. 1 ec


 Chapter 1

   Fuck, he was not there. Sammy and I had arranged to meet under the station clock. Okay I was an hour late. Maybe he had thought, I had got cold feet and chickened out at the last minute. Sod it, I swore again in frustration. I would have contacted him from the train if my phone hadn’t gone on the blink.

  My name is Andy and I had met Sammy on the internet, on a gay web site.  We had been on ‘cam’ together several times. It had been agreed that we should meet.

   Today was to be our first actual meeting in the flesh so to speak. He had been scared but I had convinced him it would be alright. I had taken a few days off work as holiday and today I had travelled down to London to see him.

   Just the thought, of what we were about to do made my cock twitch. Damn I had to find a phone and quickly. He had said he was using a throwaway mobile phone for security reasons. He didn’t want me to find out too many details about him. Maybe he was still around somewhere.

   While looking for a public phone, I thought I saw him or rather his bottom he had one of those distinct ones, that I could have followed anywhere, and this one was walking away towards the exit. I ran pulling my case along leaving a wake of loud swearing and bruised ankles behind me, as I got nearer I shouted “Sammy.”

   The boy with the cute bottom I was chasing turned around at the noise I was making and to my horror, and disappointment it wasn’t Sammy.

   At last I found a public phone. It was now fifteen minutes later, I held my breath as I listened to the dialling tone, I was desperate to make contact.

   “Where the fuck, are you Andy.” the voice of Sammy at the other end sounded somewhat annoyed.

   “I’m sorry my train was delayed because of a faulty door and my phone ran out of battery”. I paused; I was now getting angry because of this unexpected greeting. “Anyway, it would have been up there on the notice board. So why, the fuck didn’t you wait” I shouted down the mouth piece.”

   “I did and I’m still here, so where are you, right now,” Sammy asked sounding piss off.

   “I’m by W H smiths the book shop.” I answered.

   “Shit” Sammy’s voice exclaimed. “You’re at the wrong entrance, the instructions I gave you said I would be waiting at the north entrance not the south and they both have clocks, stay where you are and I will come and find you.” With that, the line went dead.

   After about ten minutes, I saw Sammy come into sight. We waved and I started toward him. When we met, I released the handle of my trolley case and we flung our arms around each other in an embrace pleased to have eventually found each other. For some unknown reason we kissed a proper kiss, his mouth tasted of peppermint chewing gum his lips were firm not like my girlfriends but still enjoyable, surprisingly the sensation made me tingle all over. When we broke apart, I suddenly became self-conscious. God what had I just done. I had kissed another man and not only that it had been in public. The funniest thing was when I looked around no one had taken the slightest bit of notice of our exchange. Wow, that was London for you.


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