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3. March 8th, 2k18

On February 14th, 2018 Nikolas Jacob Cruz showed up to a Parkland high school. Obviously, most of the people who read this already know what happened there so I won't get into that.

Ever since that shooting has happened it has become a great influence towards other people in America to make threats directed particularly to schools.

It was during 3rd period when over the loudspeaker we hear...

"We are now in a secure school please stay in your classrooms"

After Parkland my school adopted this new safety measure that made it so that if another school was in a lockdown then all the other schools in town had to go to a "secure school". It is like a lockdown except for you don't have to hide in a classroom and turn the lights off, you just can't leave the room. 

I figured something was wrong because this was the second one we had this week. After around 45 minutes we were still waiting to be allowed to go to 4th period. Then we heard another announcement on the loudspeaker...

"This is not a fire drill but act accordingly. Bring your belongings and wait at the safe area"

It was at this moment where everyone started to get really worried. None of the students had even heard the announcement when it told them to bring their stuff. I never heard them say that either. Everyone just wanted to get out of the building. 

I got my stuff and made my way outside. At first, I see this girl in my class she was having an anxiety attack and very cold so I gave her my jacket to help. 

As I looked around outside everyone was calm and just standing outside talking to one another. My feeling still hadn't gone away even though everything had seemed fine. I still felt like something was off. I was a little anxious so I just started vape with my Juul. It was already freezing and you could see everyone's breath so there was no chance of me getting caught or any of the other kids doing it either. I just needed a buzz to calm down. 

The entire student body had been outside for around 15 min. We were all freezing our asses off. The vice principal then walks up in front of where the crowds of students had gathered. She said...

"We need to get away from the school! We are going to the safe zone"

This caused the girl in my class who was already scared of what was happening to get even more anxious. She grabbed a hold of my hand with a tight grip along with another girl in our class and we started walking to the soccer fields. 

As we were walking they had told all the seniors with cars that they could leave and they did along a pretty big amount of lower classmen they brought along with them to leave. I was trying t figure out what I was going to do now.

As I arrive at the soccer fields all I see is commotion. Everyone was in a panic trying to figure out a way to get out of there. I had found my friend and she was pretty shaken up. She was in tears and nothing was calming her down.

I called my dad to tell him what was going on and he had told me what had happened. The school had sent out an email saying this...

"This letter is to inform you that a bomb threat was received this morning at -------- ---- and with the assistance of the -------- Police Department the building was evacuated and high school students dismissed. There is no threat to any of the other buildings. All threats to our schools are investigated thoroughly. Our school is committed to the safety and education of all our students"

After I found this out I wanted to leave even more. I found my friend so I could go to her house and just as we were trying to figure a ride there busses pulled up. As the bus drove away from the school I saw police cars, policemen with their dogs sniffing cars, ambulances. It was pretty scary. 

Thankfully there was never a bomb and no one got hurt.

If you think or know if anyone who is planning to do something like this report it! None of the students at my school deserved to become a victim to one of the sick people who got inspiration from the Parkland shooting to make jokes about threats like this one. Many were scared and had no idea of what was going on. I just hope that all these pranks will stop soon.













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