Daily Diary

Heres My Life


1. March 2nd, 2k18

To me, a family is the people that you can trust. People who are there for you. My dad always tells me that friends aren't more important than family. Which is true... in most cases. I disagree with him most of the time because family to me is people you can trust. For me, my mom and dad are people that I don't. Don't think that I don't love them, I do, but I cant talk to them. Which is why I feel like my friends are my family too. 

My dad says that they will never ALWAYS be there for you. How can they? Life always gets in the way. It annoys me so much when he tells me that. Cause even though their not blood they're there for me in ways that my blood family won't ever be.

I say this because my Dad told me today as he was driving me to school that I have to transfer out. He doesn't say that because he doesn't like the school I go to know but because my school is far away. It is a couple towns over and quite a drive.

They have a program there for agriculture. I love the program but it is not why I wanted to go there. I needed a fresh start from a troubling year. An escape from what I know now I could never really get away from. 

Even though most times I don't feel better. I am happier. He doesn't understand though.  

After a month of going to my new school, I felt something was missing. I discover what it was. I love to art and its hard to do where I go because in my schedule I have no art classes in it. 

I got into an art school during the summer. My mom would only let me do the half-day program because she didn't like the academics they had there so I would have to go to the school in my town for half the day. Wanting an escape I choose to go to the other one. It is not that I regret it. I just always think of all the what-ifs. 

If I told my dad this he would have just told me to suck it up but I do know my mom would understand. So my question is for the people that read this is

What are your what-if thoughts? 

Do you feel like you would know what your life you be like if you went down a different path?

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