Kiss me baby...


5. Why won't you kiss me???

He got off me grabbing the beer bottle and drinking the last bit of it. I sat upright as emmet walked in.

"Would anybody like anything else?"

"Yo get me another beer!" Jay shouted.

"Oh he'll no he is gonna get a glass of water please..." I said.

"Ok will do"

A few minutes later emmet came back with a glass of water holding it upto jay.

"Here you go sir..."

"What the fucks that!"

"Water sir"

"I didn't ask for that did it?!" He took the glass and poured the water all over emmets shirt.

"JAY! What the fuck you can't be doing that!"

"What babe?"

"I ain't your girl don't call me babe!" I stormed out and headed to the gates.

"Bella!" He sat back rolling his eyes.

"Jay you gonna go chase after her... If you want her as your girl you gotta show you care"

"I know!" He got up an ran out of the door.


I carried on walking.


"Wait for a sec okay?"

I stopped and waited for a pretty damn good explanation.

"Well you're going to need a pretty ducking good explanation to that!"

"Well I didn't want water I wanted a beer!"

"I told him to go get the water! You can't just pour a drink on someone it's rude jay!"

He stood not saying anything before leaning in to kiss me. I pushed him away.

"Fuck off I already told you I am not your girl!"

I started walking off but a warm hand grabbed my wrist.

"Bella... Can I at least show you something..."

"Fine..." I rolled my eyes.

He put his hands over my eyes walking me somewhere.

"You can look now " he let go.

" a band stand?"

"Well I saw you dancing with the butler so care to dance with me?"

I took his hand as he twirled me around as I giggled. After a bit of dancing we swayed for a bit.

"You do realise I hated you before now?"

"Oh wow really?"

"Yep but I guess you're not all bad" I laughed jokingly.

He rolled his eyes pulling me towards the bench sitting us both down.

"You have to see this..."

He pressed some sort of button and it turned on a load of golden fairy lights.

"Wow it's beautiful..."

"Is it more beautiful as me.."

I rolled my eyes nudging him.

"You know I am..."

I laughed a little.

" I guess so ..." I smirked.

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