Kiss me baby...


6. the kiss

Like I said...I would never like a guy like him, but now I think I'm falling for him. I yawned resting my head on his shoulder.

"You tired?"

"Yup" we both laughed

"Well I could take you back to mine and I can sleep on the sofa if you want..."


I don't know what happened all I remember is being off the ground. Oh wait he was carrying me...bridal style.

30 mins later...

We got to his house but I was asleep, he put me into his bed and he went to sleep on the sofa.

"Ahhhh!" I screamed waking up from a nightmare.

He rushed in panicked.

"Woah are you okay?" At this point tear were running down my face.

"Yeah just a nightmare..."

"Ok goodnight then..."

He began walking out yawning.



"Could you stay with me?"


He was shirtless his abs looked amazing...he got in the bed putting his arms around my waist, I lay against his warm chest he made feel comfortable. He placed his finger under my chin lifting my chin up.

"May I?"

I nodded as he wiped the tears away, leaning in to kiss me. Our lips finally touched. My first kiss was with the most popular boy in school. Wow!

we both pull away as it was really late.

"Night doll" he said jokingly.

"Night blondie" I laughed brushing my fingers through his hair.

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