Kiss me baby...


8. party night

We finally got back an hour before the party.

"Go get ready then beautiful" he winked at me.

"I am" I smiled at him.

I walked up to the room pulling off my shorts and top lifting the dress over my head. I touch up on make up curling my hair since the curls had gone.

"Jay can you come help me!?"

"Always" I blush as he walks in.

"You look amazing" he goes red.

"Can you help me zip the dress up." I turn around as he zips it up.

He was wearing ripped jeans and a tank top keeping it casual. He had gel in his hair.

"Well look at you hottie" I said nudging him.

He laughed.

We could watch a movie for a bit if you wanna.

"Yeah I bagsie picking" I giggled.

"Let me guess twilight breaking dawn" he chuckled.

"You know it!"

A few hours went by until there was a knock at the door. We turned the movie off.


jay opened the door, it was Sam and the rest of the squad. Emmet was here too!

"Hey bella!" Sam said hugging me, I hugged back.

"Hey jay is anyone else coming?"

"Yeah I invited most of the class"


I sat talking to Sam and emmet for most of the night it was really fun getting to know them more.

"Omg! Bella you're here!"

"Omg Ellouise!" I got up hugging her tightly.

"Omg it's been so long!"

"I know!"

I introduced Ellouise to San and emmet. I can't believe it Ellouise my best friend since primary school.

"So you've met jay?"

"Yeah I have" Ellouise said.

"Well apparently he's got a gf" she said nudging me.

I rolled my eyes laughing.

"Let's go see where he is..."

I looked around the house before seeing him in the kitchen. I was about to call him when I saw a girl kiss him. My jaw drops shocked. He pushed her away.

"Like I said bitch I'm taken!"

Everyone looked quiet as jay saw me. I didn't know what to say I was really angry.

I grabbed the girl by the ear dragging her to the door before pushing her out.

"When someone says their taken don't be such a whore okay?" She looked hurt as everyone recorded it. I walked into the living area as I felt a hand grab my wrist. It was jay. I turned to face him.

"Bella look... I'm sorry for what happened she kept flirting with me and I told her I was dating you but she weren't listening"

" I know I saw"

He hugged me kissing my forehead.

"Do you like the party thought?"

"Of course I do! By the way this is Ellouise my best friend."

"Hey I'm Ellouise" she smiled warmly.

"Jay" they both shook hands.

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