Kiss me baby...


3. means nothing to me

We walked inside. The butler took my coat off me.

"Thank you" I smiled warmly at him.

"Pleasures all mine miss" he smiled back.

"Call me bella no need of that miss business with me" I laughed a little.

"Alright then bella could I get you a drink or anything...?"

I was just thinking bout how cute the butler was his green eyes were amazing...

"No thanks in fine"

"If you need me just call I'll be to your service" he winked as I started blushing.

"Hey kittkatt let's sit in here"

I sat down on the sofa in a massive living area the TV was gargantuan. The football was boring as the night went on I started getting bored.

"I need to go to the toilet"

"Yeah yeah just ask the butler" Sam said


"Hey butler...can I get your name I feel bad calling you butler" I laughed.

"My names emmet"

"Nice to meet you emmet"

"Pleasures all mine what can I do for you today?"

"Well u sorta got bored watching the football I wanted to explore this place..."

"Well I could give you a tour of the house... Don't worry it won't be the boring look to your left and you will see your" he smiled.

I smiled back. He grabbed my hand and pulled me into a big hall.

"Woah"I mumbled.

"It's great isn't it it's a ballroom for when Sam's parents are having a party..." He bowed and held his hand out" care to join me?"

"Of course"

We Waltzed around the hall this was so fun he was so romantic....and dreamy...and cute. The door opened and jay crept in seeing us.

"And what are you doing?" He crossed his arms.

"Uh nothing" I said

"Well c'mon go to the bathroom and come back..."

"Fine" I rolled my eyes as he walked out.

" are you guys even dating?"

"I don't know"

"Well you can't live like that you need someone to treat you your a queen..." I blushed hard as he said this.

"Same I wish I could find my king"

"I could be your king..." Our eyes locked.

I passed him a piece of paper with my phone number on it. He took me to the bathroom and I came back sitting back where I was bored again.

"Want to drink bells?"

"No jay I don't..." He chugged another beer.

"C'mon baby for daddy?"

"Eww no!"

His friends looked confused.

"Don't call yourself daddy, you're drunk" I took the beer bottle off him putting it on the table."oh bella lighten up"

"I'll lighten up when you stop bei-"

"Shhh kitty cat" he put his finger to my mouth.

I sat silent until he pounced on me kissing me.

" the football means nothing to me I'm here with you" he whispered it sent a shiver down my spine.

"Jay get off me!" He smirked as he kissed me more.

"Ow! Stop you're hurting me!"

"Jay stop" Sam said realising jay was hurting me

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