Kiss me baby...


1. him

I looked across the class as it snowed, almost like a blizzard. I checked my Instagram as I got tagged in a random post the username under jay_hottie. The popular footballer. We hardly talk. I cringe even though he looked hot with his abs and tattoos, 'daddy Is here to come make you happy and protect you...make daddy happy and daddy will make you happy ;)' ewww the disgusting boy. I can't believe every girl is the school wanted him...well most girls.

My phone buzzed on the table.

Jay_hottie: hey doll face <3

Me: what do you want

Jay_hottie: you xx

I got up and asked the teacher to go to the bathroom...

Few I got away from all that....

Jay_hottie: I'm coming in...

I sigh as he walks in opening the cubicle door and locking it...

"Where are you going missy?"

I cringe.

"Don't call me missy"

"Daddy just wants a bit of fun doll" he smirked at me before diving on me his lips now on mine. I push him away.

"What are you doing you can't do this here...!"

"Well that's fine I'll just have to catch you some other time." He smiled I looked at him as he walked out. I put my head in my hands before walking out.

This is all his fault.

It's all HIM.

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