Kiss me baby...


2. class dismissed

Class was pretty boring I hardly listened as my phone kept buzzing.

Jay_hottie: parking lot after school x


Jay_hottie: ;) just do it kitty cat

I cringe at the sight of the pm.

"Bella are you listening?"

"Uh yeah..."I said confused

"What's the answer to this question then?"

I look puzzled at the question. Jay smirked at me I rolled my eyes am got up.


I picked up the chalk and answered it:




"Correct you can sit down now.."

His face dropped as I walked past smirking at him.




"Class dismissed!"

I walked out...would I be able to sneak past jay and his freaks before he gets out. I walk faster and I see his car. A hand grabbed mine twirling me around and pulling me close.

"Hey baby" he smirks as his friends wait behind him.

"C'mon jay we haven't got all day"

He rolled his eyes.

"Fine..doll face were going to Sam's house to go watch the footie wanna come?"


Before I could say anything he pulled me to his car.

"Want the windows down?"

I looked at him weirdly.

"It's -5 degrees!"

One of his friends laughed as I said that.

"So..." He had nothing else to say.

30 minds later...

We pulled upto a gate and carried on through, the house was stunning there was even a fountain. We pulled up next to a Porsche. Jay got out and opened the door offering me his hand.

"Hold up a second!"

I shut the door and opened it myself getting out without his help.

"I don't need no help getting out of a car I ain't a grandma..."

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