Kiss me baby...


9. chapter 8

I yawned as I helped jay emmet and Ellouise clean up.

"We can't clean like this!" I smirked turning the music up as it blasted through the speakers. We all started jumping around while cleaning up after everyone.

"We should just have a sleepover here shouldn't we?" Ellouise chimed in.

"YASS girl!" I shouted.

I ran upstairs after cleaning up shutting the door walking into the closet.

"Hey babe can you get my shorts out please?"


I passed him the shorts kissing his cheek.

"Thanks baby"

I shut the door changing into my black crop top and some shorts. I cleaned my makeup and walked downstairs into the kitchen where everyone was.

"Hey kitty cat" jay said putting an arm around my waist.

"Hey hottie" I ran my fingers through his hair.

We all laughed.

"We need to play truth or dare or we could play spin the bottle or a third game 7 minutes in heaven?"

We all glance at each other.

"Let's vote"

"All in favour of truth or dare raise your hands" obviously I was the one saying this as I was the most mature one here.

"All in favour of spin the bottle hands up"

2 hands went up I rolled my eyes as it was emmet and Ellouise.

"And all in favour of 7 minutes in heaven raise your hands!"


Well it's spin the bottle then, I sighed. I grabbed a water bottle since the wine bottles were full. We sat down, I pulled a bean bag over to the circle sitting on it.

"Who's spinning it?"

"Me!" Ellouise said excitedly spinning it.

The bottle was pointing at me.

"Oh god" I laughed nervously.

Jay spun it this time.

"And emmet"

"I don't wanna cheat though" I kissed jay on the cheek.

"I let ya off just for this game." He hugged me.

Emmet got up and kissed my lips.

"Woah woah woah dude not that long..."

"Oh sorry"

"I'll spin it this time..."

I spin it and it lands on jay.

"Jay and let's see..."

To be continued...

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