Kiss me baby...


12. chapter 11

Jay ended up landing on his arm and breaking it.

"Uh bella...babe.."


"I can't stay here anymore my parents think there are a lot of bad influences here and I have to move to another country..."

"So your not gonna defend!"

"I tried!"

"Well you obviously didn't tell them we were a thing!"

"Well I did... Huh ... What kind of a girl did I go out with you should be on my side right now were over!" He threw a small dark blue box to the floor and stormed out.

A tear ran down my cheek as I picked the box up.

"A note..."

The note:

Hey kitty cat...

If you're reading this it's because I love you an wanna be with you so I bought you a distance ring so when were apart it will remind us that we are together from heart...


I cried and cried, emmets hugs soothed me almost curing my sadness.

"Bella... I wanna be here for you no matter what okay... I wanna be the friend that is always there through thick and thin okay..."

I nodded resting my head on his shoulder.

"Thanks emmet..." I closed my eyes soon falling asleep.

1 hour later...

I woke up to a shirtless emmet lying next to me. I walked to the kitchen and got a drink of water before returning and turning the TV on.

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