Kiss me baby...


11. chapter 10

I woke up to a really nice smell coming from the kitchen. Jay was still asleep.

"Morning sleepy head." He smirked.

"Morning" I said in the middle of a yawn.

"You look cute when you've first woke up with the messy hair" he laughed.

I rolled my eyes.

"Can I tell you something ella bella?"

"Of course that's what friends do" I smiled.

"Well I have this huge crush on this girl.."


" bella"


"Yeah..." He nervously smiled.

"Well I love you but I love jay too..."

"I know you're happy with him..."

"Why don't we go on a day out just us two to make you feel better...?"

"Okay" he lightened up." But where?"



I ran upstairs putting my bikini on, over that I put on some short shorts and a white belly top. I didn't do my make up I'm letting it natural today.

"I gotta pop up to my house to get my swim shorts."

I rolled my eyes.

"We got spare that were too small for jay try them."

He tried them and they got perfect.

"K let's go."

We drove to the beach.

Baby: where did you go???

Me:I'm going beach surfing with emmet.

Baby: okay.

I turned my phone of and left it in the car hidden so nobody could see it. We walked over to a sunny spot where we lay our surf boards down. I took my belly top off as some older guys and emmet started staring.

"Hey hey hey why do you need to stare!" Emmet shouted. I blushed, he's so protective.

"Cmon slow coach!" I started running as I got I the water.

He caught up.

"You ready to surf then?"

"Mate I was born ready!"

We both laughed hitting the waves.

"Woahhhh!" I fell off my board trying to surf a massive wave. I didn't know what was going on my vision went blurry and it all blacked out before me. Jay came as he watched emmet save me on the shore. I coughed and spluttered chocking on sea water.

"What happened to her!" Jay pushed emmet away.

"She almost drowned idiot and your pushing the guy who saved her away!"

"Hey shut up dickhead!"

" you wanna go!"

"Yeah I'll go!"

They both started fighting.

Jay lost...

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