You Belong with Me

She was in Love with him. He loved her. But it wasn't that simple.


1. Prologue

Striking blue eyes that pierced through me running shivers down my spine in an instant when turned toward me. It made my heart stop, my stomach twist and my body heat up. Is that what it feels to feel attracted to something divine or maybe seductive? Crystal clear eyes that seem to have seen lot of this world than I have. Maybe even a little, I wanted those eyes to belong to me. But, somehow the thought of it scared me for I knew they were never meant for me to achieve. 


As he walked toward me with his strong yet slick body, everyone around me bowed before him while I stood there unmoved. I was supposed to be scared as everybody was. But for some reason my fear was lost in the abyss. He looked at me and smirked with his beautiful face. But may it seem like he was mocking me but I could feel the sweetness in it. Have I finally lost my mind in seeing such a beautiful man? He seem to be a worrier for he looked as if he is trained carrying a heavy sword which seemed like feather to him.  I did bow to him in the end.

He moved his hand to take a better look at my face. As he touched the tip of my chin with his cold hands, it made me tremble a little, not for the cold but for the heat that was running down my body. I dared not to look into his eyes for I feared to be seen though my mind.

“You got quite a face. I understand where your egoism is coming from. Pretty proud of yourself, I believe?”

“No offence to you, your highness. You may have just complimented me but to be said something like that to a women would mean offence. Not that I am offended but you should be gentle with women. And I am not quite pround of myself but I am honored by your words.”

“My my, your quite a mouthful girl. Smart, if I say so myself.”

I was almost about to take back every bit of thought I had for him. He is a sarcastic, rude and cold guy. While my mind was on destroying my attraction for him, something hit my back hard. It was hand of the head lady of whatever house.

“You insolent girl. Bow before his highness and cry for forgiveness. I am so sorry, your highness for I’ve failed to train her yet.”

“It is fine, Lady Maila. She is new to our system but most of all she herself is a daughter of an aristocrat family. So I understand her behavior for someone of high class and beauty. I heard that she is also quite known for her skills in sword and crafts. Is it true, girl?”

“I am not ‘girl’. I do have a name and yes, what you have heard is true. I am quite efficient and hard working.”

“Hm, I would like to have a taste of your work as well, miss ‘do have a name’? I would like to speak to you alone as well.”

“We’ll prepare the garden for you, please come as you please your highness. And you, behave.”

I never had trouble fixing my manners for I have been trained well by my mother. Mother, my sweet beautiful mother who was loved and respected by all. I hope she is well as well as father. They are living in my mother’s province I walked to the garden silently.

“Rhowanna Astraiya, Daughter of Ozian Astraiya and Alexei Selene Astraiya of House Astraiya, the ‘Beholder of falling Stars’.”

“Oh, I knew you were from an aristocratic family but your of the Royal bloodline of two main house, I had no knowledge of such. But, alas! For your father’s house is now knows as a fallen house. Do not blame us princess; blame the system, the wars of one house with another.”

“I do not blame anyone other than the foolishness of my council people. But if I have the blood of two main houses, I believe I am capable of keeping my name and my family’s name holding its honor even after being defeated.”

“True as you say princess. Honor is what gives us hope for life, family and love.”

“Hm. I am no princess of any place. But may I know who you are for I’ve yet to be introduced to you.”

“Oh, I deeply apologies for my ignorance. I am Theon Poseidon, son of Perseuos Poseidon and Freyja Athens Poseidon. The second prince of Royal Zodiac.”

“You are the 2nd crown prince to the throne. Your highness, then what shall I presume as to be honored by your attention toward me?”

“Yes, you are honored by not only my attention but the courtness’s. Because you are chosen as one of the candidate of the lady court.”

“I am not quite clear to the news. Would you please kindly explain?”

“With pleasure. Lady court is like the so called herem where women of talent and beauty are picked as candidate to the royal family’s male heirs. You are of a very highly talented and high classes women and quite beautiful too. Thus, you have been chosen as a candidate as well. To put it simply, you will be betrothed to one of my cousins or maybe even me.”

“So, I am being bought to be sold to one of you people as a prize. I understand.”

“Quite realistic, I see. Betrothed to me wouldn’t be so bad, you know. To be honest, you would be a fun girl to be with. But make no mistake, I solely came here today to see my suggested count lady, recommended by my mother. I must say she does have a choice. I love your hair that shines like the moon.”

“Um, thank you? But my hair is only black. As for the other, I wouldn’t dare dishonor her or anyone, but I am not happy with my identity and honor to be sold so simply with just words of no will. But rest assured for I shall join the Lady court. It will be my first battle ground.”

“I admire your bravery and wisdom. Careful though, for there are snakes in the Lady count which may poison you. And, I will watch to see how you win this war and only judge you by that.”

“Thank you for your warning, your highness. Please excuse me for I have to make preparations.”

“You may call me Prince Theon if you wish. You are excused as you wish.”

I finally bowed my head to the prince and sat up to leave the garden. I believe my battle have started before I even noticed. I did know I’d have such chance but was not quite sure of the timing. But, I do have to say, that ‘Prince Theon’ is quite a man and I have no doubt for he would attract much women in the Court. I was though quite rude with him. So,

“Um, your hig…Prince Theon, if I may say so for myself, I was quite rude and too frank with you despite not having a reason. I am deeply ashamed of my behavior and please accept my apologies.”

“Apology accepted. But I approve of you being frank as I do feel comfortable with realistic and smart women. And…please do give thought to choosing your candidate in Lady court. Hope we meet again, Princess Rhowanna.”

“Ah, I am no…Nevermind.”

I swisftly turned my head and left. Not for being hopeless but maybe because his voice echoed in my mind with my name. And maybe even a little, only little, I seemed to have blushed with a flicker in my heart.




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