Feelings | Poetry by Steffella

Written all myself. All different themes are in here. Some may be a little mature or dark. So just note that! :)


3. Love is Torture


Love is Torture

I'm in love again. Feels like a fresh new chapter.

I didn't even know id fallen,

till i realised I can't be without you.

I cant sleep without you creeping into my mind.

I cant wake without you whispering in my thoughts.

Though its seeping through my veins;

pure bliss in my heart,

its suffocating my mind with anxious images.

Now I know you're in my life, you're here forever,

If not in my arms, in my memory.

You've moulded the foundations in which i build my life.

Maybe now you're in it with joy,

or later without it in pain.

Either way my hands are useless

in building my life and I know now

when I wake up and your next to me,

I tell myself, what will be

will be.


Written by Steffella



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