Feelings | Poetry by Steffella

Written all myself. All different themes are in here. Some may be a little mature or dark. So just note that! :)


2. Depression



Darkness can be invisible to some,
The demons can be missed to the naked eye
with your coffee cup up to your chin.
I accepted you were intoxicated by the caffeine
In your cup, must have blurred out your vision,


How you couldn't see I was bleeding; 
Half buried but still here, 
Drowning in my own shame and guilt,
Deafened by the voices that you branded 


I'm stuck in a pit of low feelings,
So low but I'm still on land somehow
On the same physical level as you. 
Only if you could see through your own 
Self obsession.


Maybe you wouldn't be so blind
That I want to be taken from suffering,
A feeling you tell me therapy can fix
because that's just called


I'm not alive I just exist through eyes,

I see one side: hatred 
That I don't save myself from or care to help,
Because I'm suffocating and I don't care.


By Steffella. 


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