Feelings | Poetry by Steffella

Written all myself. All different themes are in here. Some may be a little mature or dark. So just note that! :)


1. Your Idea Of Perfect


your idea of perfect

her hair was long and dark, 
her eyes were a beautiful blue, 
her smile was perfect with not a crease, 
her cheeks shon beauty as she laughed a rosy pink. 
her effortlessly shaped figure with the purest edge; 
she was bound to be turning heads. 
modesty amongst the immodesty
of her belly tops and high waisted clinging jeans 
smoothed over her smile, tying a bow in it too. 
like a gift from the most perfect ever-rose to never wilt.
it was her carelessness in the way she could just be; 
with a huge smile and charismatic charm 
she glared and held it all together. 
the way she 
just said. 
just did. 
just lived.
wearing a mask as a shield,
piecing her self back for seeking
to be beautiful,
 as if she was never pretending, 
ammending her heart, 
but it was beating.


Written By Steffella


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