I Love Him |C.T.H. fanfic

Olivia goes to school and is very close friends with Calum Hood. What happens after feelings come out one night? Are the feelings mutual? Or will he feel awkward and begin to avoid her? Read to find out.

****There may be mentions of self harm and/or drug use


2. Time To Wake Up!!!

JUNE 2013

Sydney, Australia


I'm staying over at my mother's apartment for the weekend, per my parents' custody agreement. The alarm clock went off. It was morning. 8 am. I crawl off the couch. My mother was poor and all of her money went to drugs and so when I stayed on the weekends, I had to sleep on an old, beat up leather couch. I walked into dirty, unkempt kitchen. This morning's breakfast: stale cornflakes. The sink was full of dishes and I couldn't find a bowl, and there was no soap to wash dishes so I went to ask my mother the go to the store.

I walked down the hall, into my mothers messy bedroom. She was sleeping, per usual. Even at age 12, I understood how irresponsible my mother was. I went to wake her up. Oh, how I dreaded this part of the day. 

I shook her "Mom, it's time to get up. I need you to go to the store." No response. Not even a groan.

"Mom, get up!" Still, nothing.

"MOMMMMMMM" I shouted at her to get out of bed. Absolutely nothing. I couldn't even hear her snore. I remembered how they taught us in science class how we can check our pulse. I pull up her arm and feel the inside of her wrist. Nothing. I then try her neck. Nothing again. I immediately run back to the living room and grab my phone off the charger. My dad had given me one on my 12th birthday. That way I could contact him when I was at my mom's, and I could text Cal since whenever I needed to.

"000, what's your emergency?"

"My mom isn't breathing and I can't find her pulse"

"Alright sweetie, how old are you and what is your name?" 

"I'm 12 and my name is Olivia"

"Can you tell me your address"

"112 Thomas Street"

"Okay, paramedics are on their way, thank you for calling, Olivia. You did the right thing"

 **Flashback ends**

My mum has been gone for 5 years now and it still feels so fresh. I can still remember, clear as day, when I found her dead on that old, ratty mattress in her cheap 1 bedroom apartment. The memory brings back the feeling of numbness that I know all too well. I really want to cut, to bring the cold metal razor across my wrist, but I know that Cal doesn't want me to. Sometimes that isn't enough. But, today it is. Today, I just want to try to have fun. So, instead, I just decide to get dressed and go next door to see him. I put on black skinny jeans, a Prince shirt and a black and white flannel. I then head downstairs to the door where I put on my converse high tops. I grab my small, over the shoulder purse and put my car keys and wallet inside, with the hopes that we can go to the mall later. I text my dad to tell him I'm going to go spend time with Cal. He prefers it that way when he's at work. After my mom a couple years ago, he hates to leave me alone. I think he feels like he's to blame for her death but I blame myself the most. I was there when it happened, I feel like I could've done something. 

I walk over to Calum's house. Since it's morning, the door is locked so I use my key to get in (we both have keys to eachother's houses since we are together so often). I immediately set my stuff down (with the exception of my phone) and head upstairs. On my way up, I decide to put on Dammit by Blink-182 on full blast. I set my phone down and jump on his bed. 


"Olivia Maria Thompson, shut up I'm trying to sleep!"

"Cal, I want to go to the malllll"

"The mall doesn't open until 11"

"No shit, Cal. It's 10 and I still need food. We can get breakfast first"

"Fine, Oli, bestie cuddles first"

"Your so immature, Cal."


A/N I hope everyone is enjoying the story thus far! If you have any suggestions to improve my writing, please put it in the comments! Additionally, I need girlfriends (or boyfriends) for Ashton, Luke, and Michael. Please describe the character, provide a name and age and who you would like to be with. Keep in mind that in this time in the story, Ashton is 19, Luke is 16, Michael is 17.



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