I Love Him |C.T.H. fanfic

Olivia goes to school and is very close friends with Calum Hood. What happens after feelings come out one night? Are the feelings mutual? Or will he feel awkward and begin to avoid her? Read to find out.

****There may be mentions of self harm and/or drug use


5. A/N


So, I know exactly where I'm going with this story. To such an extent that it'll for sure have a minimum of two stories. I knows my plot and how things are playing out, just bear with me because some of the plot still needs filled in in my head because, to an extent, the ideas are all over the place and I'm trying to pick out the best ones.

On that same note, I honestly never thought my brain was capable of writing a story let alone have a plot that's as developed as it is in my head right now. So, I will probably write more throughout the week between school, homework and acting in the school play. Just keep in mind that I may be busy but I am going to make time to write and publish more chapters for everyone to read.

For younger readers: be careful about your class choices in high school because you still want time for leisurely activities :) I am so lucky to get the time to balance school, acting and writing! Just please, please, please make sure you have time to enjoy yourself :)

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