These are two poem-like letters I wrote to a boy who cheated on me. They're apart of a series I'm writing called "Letters That Lost Their Stamps." This series is called this because these letters are open letters. They're not for the people they're written to, and they're not meant to be read. They're meant to be felt.


1. Dear Cheater

Dear cheater,

You’re a complicated one to write aren’t you? Let me start with this. I admit it, you got me. I had complete trust in you. I believed you were the sweet, amazing guy you pretended to be. I thought you loved me. I thought you wanted a future with me. I believed you were deathly afraid of losing me. I was wrong.

You’re not sweet. You’re bitter. Your world was thrown into turmoil, so you’ve made it your place to ruin everyone else’s.

You’re not amazing. You’re a coward. Yes, I said that. You. Are. A. Coward. I know how much you hate to be called that, but it’s true. You hide behind your lies. You hurt others. You cheat, and it’s all to hide how broken you really are. Only a coward does that.

You never loved me. You were in love with the concept of love, and I accept that because who would love me anyways?

You didn’t want a future with me. You were barely planning a future for yourself. But the idea of a future? A perfect one with a girl who only needed your love? That was too tempting not to hold onto wasn’t it? Hurting me? That didn’t matter.

You were never afraid of losing me. In fact, it was never about me. It was always about you. I was the only girl holding you to reality, and you were afraid to lose reality. But when you found her? Another girl to tie you to reality? Well I didn’t matter so much anymore then did I? If you lost me, you’d still have her to hold you down. You were afraid of losing reality, and of being alone, not of losing me.

And now you’re alone again. Or maybe you’re not. Maybe you’re off charming some other girl as I speak, or maybe you’ve changed your ways. I seriously doubt that, because like a child, you’re afraid of the dark. You drag others into the darkness and steal their light. It doesn’t matter who gets hurt if it ends in your comfort. You’ll do anything for that comfort, and really, it’s sad.

I hope you learn how to be alone. How to find peace in the dark. I hope you learn to create your own light. Because I want you to be happy, that’s all I’ve ever wanted, just not at the expense of anyone else’s happiness.

I let you go so that I could find my happiness. But know I’ll always be wishing for yours.

                    Find your light before the darkness swallows you,

                                                                               The Girl Who Believed Your Lies

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