To The Boy Who Stole More Than My Heart

This is a saga of poem-like letters I wrote to a boy who broke my heart. They're apart of a series I'm writing called "Letters That Lost Their Stamps." This series is called this because these letters are open letters. They're not for the people they're written to, and they're not meant to be read. They're meant to be felt.


4. To The Boy Who Decided I Was a Waste of Time-The Anger

To the boy who decided I was a waste of time,

I shouldn’t even be writing this letter. I shouldn’t have anything to say. Frankly, I shouldn’t care, but I guess I do.

A couple of days ago you announced to my friend that you wish you had never met me. You said that all I had done was waste your time.

I never realized that offering you nothing but my best and unconditional love was wasting your time.

I find it funny that you think you’re the one who’s time was wasted.

You see maybe I cared about you a little too much, and maybe I still do, just not in the same way I did. And you see, I don’t expect you to care about me, but I also didn’t think you hated me. I didn’t think that you thought I was “wasted time.” I believed you were indifferent to the matter.

I mean really-if anything I should be the one considering you wasted time. You built me up, pretended to care, and then left me like I was nothing. We just “didn’t work…” is what you told me, but that stands to be untrue. You chose to make it not work. I mean giving up was easier am I right?  At least according to you it was.

You see you just didn’t think I was worth putting in the work, the time, and the patience. We could have been great if you had let us been. But looking back at it now maybe I should have known you would see me as “just a waste of time.”

This letter is far from from finished-but I am. It’s just a waste of time after all. Just like me.

-Waste of Time

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