To The Boy Who Stole More Than My Heart

This is a saga of poem-like letters I wrote to a boy who broke my heart. They're apart of a series I'm writing called "Letters That Lost Their Stamps." This series is called this because these letters are open letters. They're not for the people they're written to, and they're not meant to be read. They're meant to be felt.


2. Dear Ex Lover-The Acceptance

Dear ex lover,

I’m not sure what to say, but what I’m not going to say is, “I understand.” I’m not sure I do. Instead I’ll say, “I accept.” I accept what you did to me. I accept that you’re not sorry. And most importantly, I accept you as a person. I forgive you. You left me feeling worthless, confused, lost, unwanted, and lied to…but I forgive you.

I love you. I never told you that. I knew you didn’t feel the same, but it’s true. I love you, and probably always will. I don’t know how to unlove someone, but I do know that I will no longer let loving you control me.

I will love you from a distance. I will let you do me and others wrong, and I will move on. It is no longer my place to tell you what is right or wrong. It is no longer my place to nurture your every need. In order to save myself I must let you go.

I’m sorry I won’t be there anymore. I will learn to love someone else. You left me and I will learn to not need you.

I hope you’ll grow from this. Maybe someday you’ll realise it was wrong to let me go, or maybe that day will never come. I only ask that if it does, you leave me be. By the time that day comes, I will have left you in the past, and that’s where you shall stay.

Thank you. By being wrong, you made me stronger. By letting go, you gave me the chance to run. And by hiding from me, you taught me not to look for you. I will look for you in everything though. Until the day the pain fades, I have to give up on you, but know I’ll still love you.

Forever Yours,

The One You Lost

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