Manifestation of Obsession

Valentines day competition task 1: Write about getting over someone/past love. AND Task 3: Create a Valentine's inspired cover, fanart, or trailer.

A poem of getting over someone and a story of past love.
Turn to chapter 2 for explanation of the cover design.


2. The cover


This cover is part of my entry for the Valentines competition.

This represents the theme of Valentines to me, with the photo of a bed, as this is a place commonly associated with love. I've used greyscale for the photo as relationships aren't always happy, and don't always end happy (and it adds a certain minimal design element to the overall look.) I've also added peach, pink tones because I prefer subtle colours and shades of pink than the hot pink you so often see to do with valentines.

I love a hand-drawn, cute rustic effect to book covers, as they seem to be more approachable for some reason, and this adds to the scruffiness and sparseness of the photo I've used.


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