Draco's long lost love

When Widow joins Hogwarts for her first year will she find true love or will true love find her


1. Widow

"It is nearly 11 the train will be going we must get a carriage " Widow said to Skyler quickly. " okay let's get going" exclaimed Skyler. They walk around the train for 5 minutes only finding one carriage but with 3 boys in it , Draco , Crabbe and Goyle. Draco stands up quickly and says " Hi I'm Malfoy , Draco Malfoy ". Hi I'm Geylock , Widow Geylock and you introduce yourself the same way as I do ". Says Widow. Widow says in her head woah he is handsome and that hair tho. "Would you two girls care to sit with us" Draco says trying to flirt with Widow. " yeah sure" Widow says out of breath. Draco quickly pays for some sweets for the girls and hands it to them like they are royalty. " thanks Draco" said Widow and skyler. Crabbe shouted "we are at HOGWARTS!" "Holy crap Crabbe you need to learn to SHUT UP". Draco said annoyed then smiled at Widow.

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