Draco's long lost love

When Widow joins Hogwarts for her first year will she find true love or will true love find her


2. Houses

At the sorting hat.

I bet I'll be in Slytherin, said Draco. "What about you, Widow?"

"Slytherin, Widow says confidently.

"What do you think you will be Skyler" Goyle asked.

"I'm not sure what I will be , I guess I will have to wait" Skyler said anxiously.

"Potter, Harry " Profosser McGonagle shouts. In conclusion the sorting hat ( Jeff P.S I named the sorting hat cause it took to long to write) shouts "GRYFFINDOR".

"Malfoy, Draco " McGonagle shouted

Jeff didn't even touch Draco's head and shouted " SLYTHERIN

"Greylock, Widow " McGonagle shouted.

"SLYTHERIN " Jeff shouted

Crabbe and Goyle got into slytherin too.

Being the last one

Skyler walked up. Jeff says "hmmmmmmm very hard chose SLYTHERIN"

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