Bloody lips

Mitch is new to school he recently moved into a village with new foster parents but he had a secret, he’s secretly a vampire and anyone who’s known hasn’t lived until jay comes along making mitch slowly falling in love. Will they be a thing?


4. the midwife

*today is the day that mitch and jay find out the gender of their baby, mitch will fly jay to the vampire midwife*

Jay: wake up mitch *he shakes Mitch’s shoulder*

Mitch: why? Why not sleep *he says half asleep*

Jay: mitch! *he slaps Mitch’s ass* get up

Mitch: *he sits up* no need to be cranky *he rubbed his eyes* why we up this early?

Jay: *he sighed with frustration* the midwife, don’t you remember?

Mitch: oh yea I remember now *he sighed* but after we get home I’m taking a nap

Jay: whatever just get ready

*jay looked in the mirror at his very large belly as mitch went behind him and put his hands on the big bump*

Mitch: hoping for a boy

Jay: I don’t care if it’s a boy or a girl as long as it isn’t a forgetful ass like you *he crossed his arms*

Mitch: I’m sorry, I was half awake

Jay: it’s fine anyway we should be going now

Mitch: yeah

*mitch transformed into a massive black bat with red eyes, he was big enough to carry 6 people*

Mitch: now come on, we haven’t got all day

Jay: fine bossy boots *he climbed onto mitch and held on as he set off into the sky*

*it had been 20 minutes until mitch gently landed next to a building*

Jay: is this it?

Mitch: yeah, what were you expecting, something grande?

Jay: no *he got off as mitch transformed back and took jays hand*

Mitch: I was only joking *he chuckled walking into the midwife and sitting in the waiting room with jay*

Jay: atleast it’s nice and warm in here

Mitch: yeah *he looked at the baby health posters on the walls*

Midwife: jay?

Jay: I’m here

Midwife: follow me

*jay nodded and got up and followed as I walked with him into a room*

Midwife: take a seat *she pointed to a large comfy looking chair in the middle of the room*

Jay: *he nodded and sat down*

Midwife: so this must be? *she looked at mitch*

Jay: my boyfriend

Midwife: ah I see, is he the father?

*jay nodded*

Midwife: well mitch just pull up a chair next to jay

*mitch did as he was told and sat holding jay’s hand, the midwife lifted jays shirt up a bit and put some gel onto his belly*

Midwife: so what are we hoping for, eh?

Jay: I’m hoping for a girl

Midwife: what about you mitch?

Mitch: a boy

*the midwife started to put a little machine against jays bump as mitch and jay looked on the screen*

Midwife: well what a surprise *she said surprised* twins

*jay looked excited and so did mitch*

Midwife: ones a girl and ones a boy, looks like you both got what you wanted

Mitch: yea *he kissed jays cheek*

Jay: and what a handful they’ll be *he chuckled*

Midwife: yeah *she started to clean the gel off the bump and helped jay to sit up*

*she said goodbye to both mitch and jay as they left for home*

Mitch: well what a surprise

Jay: I know two babies, that’ll be a load of work and cleaning for me

Mitch: no it won’t because I’ll help

*jay smiled and both of them head home, it was 8pm when they got home

Mitch: I’m ordering pizza, you want anything?

Jay: a blood pizza?

Mitch: sure *he dials the number and orders before sitting down with jay in his arms*

Jay: you tired *he looked at mitch*

Mitch: no just feeling horny as usual, it’s killing me not being able to do stuff to you while your pregnant

Jay: well maybe a few days after I’ve had the babies we can have some fun, but on one condition, you wear protection

Mitch: sure

Jay: good, two babies will be enough for us

Mitch: yeah, I also have a great aunt who can look after them for a day or so

Jay: okay that sounds good

*just then jay grunted as he felt a kick*

Mitch: you okay?

Jay: yeah it’s just a kick

Mitch: looks like they wanna come out

Jay: mhm... *jay slowly fell asleep in Mitch’s arm and not long mitch fell asleep

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