Bloody lips

Mitch is new to school he recently moved into a village with new foster parents but he had a secret, he’s secretly a vampire and anyone who’s known hasn’t lived until jay comes along making mitch slowly falling in love. Will they be a thing?


5. surprise!

*it had been 3 days since the midwife and jay woke up the sharp pain in his abdomen as he felt his water break, he quickly shook mitch*

Jay: m-mitch!

Mitch: *he suddenly woke to jays screaming* what?!?! I’m up

Jay: I-I think my water broke

*mitch picked jay up and put him in a birthing bath that he bought a few weeks ago which was filled with soothing warm water*

Jay: isn’t there a hospital

Mitch: *he shook his head* not to give birth, birthing happens at home

Jay: d-do you know what to do?

Mitch: *he nodded* I helped my Mum birth my brother

Jay: I didn’t know you had a brother

Mitch: I did have a brother, anyway I’ll tell you after

Jay: *he nodded in pain*

*it had been 8 hours since jay was first in labour and mitch grew restless and worried*

Mitch: do you want a drink or anything?

Jay: *he shook his head* I-I think it’s time

*after an hour jay gave birth to a baby girl and a baby boy*

Mitch: *he softly kissed jay on his cheek* you did it

Jay: *he lay there panting* y-yeah

*mitch put both of the babies in the cradle next to him and jay*

Mitch: you need blood *he handed jay a blood bag as he saw jay totally demolish the full bag*

Jay: thank you *he smiled* but what will the babies feed on

Mitch: they’ll feed on your blood for a week or so

Jay: *jay nodded* well I’ll feed them soon

Mitch: *mitch shook his head* I’ll do it, you’ve been through enough

Jay: are you sure? *he started to get up feeling sore*

Mitch: I’m sure *he helped jay get dressed before watching him go to lay on the sofa*

Jay: well you best feed them now, they’ll be hungry

*mitch nodded before picking the baby boy up and letting him slowly bite and suckle on the bite mark*

Mitch: we haven’t named this little one

Jay: how about you name him

Mitch: *he nodded and thought* How about....Darren?

Jay: That name suits him

*mitch looked down at baby darren*

Darren: *he looked up at mitch after finishing*

Jay: I think he’s finished now

Mitch: yea he is *he jay Darren in the cradle as he picked up the baby girl*

Jay: well I think we should name her autumn

Mitch: yea I think so too

*mitch smiled as he watched autumn suck on the bite that Darren previously did*

Jay: I think they’re beautiful

Mitch: *he watched autumn and chuckled* well she seems more hungry then Darren did

Jay: *he smiled* after autumns finished I think it’s their bedtime

Mitch: yeah it’s getting pretty late

Jay: yeah, I’ll feed them in the morning *he picked up Darren and headed upstairs to the bedroom and put him in the cradle next to the bed*

Mitch: *he sat and watched until autumn finished* right its bedtime for you

Autumn: *she looked up at mitch yawning*

*mitch got up before going upstairs and putting her in the other cradle next to the other side of the bed*

Mitch: what a long day *he lay next to jay on the bed*

Jay: yeah *he instantly cuddled up to mitch*

Mitch: *he held him close letting him rest his head on Mitch’s chest*

Jay: I love you mitch *he kisses him*

Mitch: I love you too, goodnight

*both mitch and jay fell asleep

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