Bloody lips

Mitch is new to school he recently moved into a village with new foster parents but he had a secret, he’s secretly a vampire and anyone who’s known hasn’t lived until jay comes along making mitch slowly falling in love. Will they be a thing?


1. new school

*it had been a week since mitch moved in with his new foster parents after being forced out of the last village he lived in with other foster parents, well today is his first day at a new school*

Mitch: *he had white hair, ocean blue eyes and very pale skin he was an introvert he preferred to be alone than being with someone*

*he went up to the office and knocked on the little window*

Office woman: hello, you must be mitch *she looked at mitch*

Mitch: yea I’m new, I was wondering if I could have a copy of my timetable?

Office woman: sure, just wait a minute *she turned to the computer before the printer turned on*

*the woman turned back to mitch and handed him his timetable*

Mitch: thank you

Office woman: your welcome, your first lesson is history in room 16, have a good first day

Mitch: *he nodded and walked down the corridors until he came to room 16, he knocked on the door until the teacher signalled him to come in*

History teacher: I see we have a new student, what’s your name?

Mitch: *he looked at the class most of them were girls but there were 4 boys sitting at desks* mitch

History teacher: where are you from?

Mitch: Cumbria

History teacher: well that’s pretty far anyway you can sit at the seat next to jay

Mitch: *he looked over at where jay was sitting he had dark brown hair, green eyes and fairly pale skin*

History teacher: well go on then, we haven’t got all day

Mitch: *he went and sat next to jay before laying his head on the desk*

Jay: hey, you alright you look really pale

Mitch: *he nodded* I’ll be fine

*mitch stayed like that until the bell went for break, he got up and ran to the bathroom*

Mitch: *he sighed as we went into a cubicle* why can’t I just be normal? Why do I have to be the weird kid?

*he closed the cubicle door and opened his bag revealing loads of blood bags*

Mitch: atleast I won’t look as pale *he grabbed one and started to lap the blood into his mouth before quickly putting it back as he heard someone come in*

Jay: erm, hey mitch?

Mitch: *he opened the door forgetting about the blood on he lips and chin* hey

Jay: are you bleeding?

Mitch: no

Jay: there’s blood all over your lips and chin

Mitch: *he wiped the blood off onto his sleeves*

Jay: *he peered into Mitch’s bag seeing the blood*

Mitch: what are you looking at? *he quickly picked his bag up before walking off*

Jay: wait mitch?

*mitch made his way onto the field and sat down alone*

Jay: mitch, I’m sorry *he sat next to mitch*

Mitch: *he looked down*

Jay: why do you have blood in your bag?

Mitch: because I’s nothing to do with you

Jay: if you tell me I promise to keep it a secret

Mitch: fine, I’m a vampire *he gets up* you happy

*he walked off inside and sat against the wall in the boys toilet*

Jay: *he sighed before walking in*

Mitch: go away *he sobbed* I’m a monster...

Jay: *he sat next to mitch* no your not

Mitch: I am..that’s why I was forced to move in with different foster parents...

Jay: your a foster kid?

Mitch: yea why does it matter?

Jay: what happened to your parents?

Mitch: murdered by your kind

Jay: by humans?

Mitch: yea

Jay: I’m sorry to hear that *he slowly looked down* well I’m always here for you if you need to talk

Mitch: *he nodded* but why aren’t you scared of me?

Jay: because I kinda have a crush on you...

Mitch: what? Why?

Jay: *he looked down tearing up*

Mitch: *he hugged jay tightly*

Jay: I’m sorry I didn’t even ask about your sexuality...

Mitch: well I’m erm gay

Jay: me too *he wiped his eyes*

Mitch: but there’s one problem if we ever start to date you either let me turn u into a vampire or we can never date

Jay: why?

Mitch: I’ve dated people and outlived them they’ve always died of old age and I’ve been left alone...

Jay: oh that makes sense

Mitch: wanna head to my house?

Jay: sure

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~end of this chapter please give feedback

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