Bloody lips

Mitch is new to school he recently moved into a village with new foster parents but he had a secret, he’s secretly a vampire and anyone who’s known hasn’t lived until jay comes along making mitch slowly falling in love. Will they be a thing?


2. feelings

*it has been over a month since mitch moved house and school, him and jay have spent nearly every day together and mitch has been falling hard for jay*

Mitch: mind: I have to tell him, I have to express my feelings for him

*he hears a knock on his bedroom door as he sees jay walk in, him and jay spent most of their time playing video games*

Jay: hey mitch

Mitch: hey, could I talk to you about something

Jay: sure *he sat on Mitch’s bed next to mitch*

Mitch: I have really big feelings for you *he looked down*

Jay: he smiled and kissed mitch softly on the lips* me too

Mitch: would you ever want to you know...go out with me?..

*jay nodded knowing the consequences but didn’t care*

Mitch: but you know what I’ll have to do, right?

Jay: *he nodded and moved his clothing away from his neck*

Mitch: are you sure? Once you make this decision we can’t go back

Jay: I’m sure stop worrying

*all of a sudden he felt a sharp pain in his neck as mitch bit jays neck gently as he started to lap up the blood*

Mitch: *he sits up with blood on his lips and fangs*

Jay: is it done?

Mitch: *he nodded* you’ll get your fangs in a few minutes it’ll hurt a bit and you can transform into a bat in a few hours

Jay: *he nodded before wrapping his arms around Mitch’s neck and kisses him*

*mitch put his hands on jays waist until he heard a grunt from jay*

Mitch: are you okay?

Jay: my mouth hurts

Mitch: your fangs are coming through

Jay: oh okay *suddenly two of jays teeth fell out and dropped onto his hand*

Mitch: well I was right *he smiled*

Jay: *he felt around where is teeth were to find sharp fangs* I have my fangs

Mitch: *he nodded as he grabbed a bag of blood out of his bag* this is what I drink, try some

Jay: where did it come from, is it a persons blood

Mitch: no, it’s cattle blood

Jay: cattle?

Mitch: *he sighed* Cow blood

Jay: oh okay *mitch handed the blood bag to jay as he looked at mitch*

Mitch: go on it tastes really good

*jay slowly pierced the bag open with his fangs and lapped up the blood before giving it back to mitch*

Mitch: tastes good, doesn’t it?

Jay: *he nodded* so what now?

Mitch: how about we have some fun, my parents are gone for the rest of the week *he winked and grinned which made jay blush*

Jay: y-yes... *mitch started to unbutton jays trousers when he saw how big and hard he was*

Mitch: damn *he rubbed the tip with his finger tips*

Jay: *he let out a moan* a-ah..

Mitch: *he pulled down jays boxers and started to swirl his tongue on jays tip*

Jay: a-ah...m-mitch...mhm...*he tried to buck his hips but mitch had his hands firmly on his hips*

Mitch: *he started to suck until he knew jay was close and started to give him a hand job*

Jay: m-mitch...I..I’m going.. *before he could say anything his cummed all over the bed sheets and Mitch’s face*

Mitch: well now it’s my turn to have some fun

Jay: *he nodded and bent over waiting for mitch*

*mitch took off his clothes and started to lube up before putting his hands on jays waist*

Mitch: you sure, it’ll hurt at first

Jay: I’m sure, now stop teasing me *he whined*

Mitch: fine mr bossy *he rammed his cock into jay and waited for him to say if he could continue*

Jay: Y-your really big... *he grunted before nodding at mitch*

*mitch slowly pulled out and rammed his cock in harder as jay moaned*

Mitch: *he grunted loudly as he thrusted deeper*

Jay: a-ah...mitch...

Mitch: *he thrusted harder as he bit into jays neck gently*

Jay: *he started to tremble and moan uncontrollably*

Mitch: I think I’m close *he thrusted deeper and started to tremble*

Jay: then go wild *he winked*

*mitch took the advice and thrusted violently and fast*

Mitch: I’m gonna c-cum *as soon after he said he let loose of his giant load as jay felt lots of warm liquid fill him before leaking out*

Jay: *he moaned loudly before mitch pulled out and lay beside mitch who was laying and panting*

*mitch pulled jay close and let him rest his head on his chest*

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~yes they finally got together and had some fun what do you think about this chapter? But beware in the next chapter there will be talk of pregnancy

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