Bloody lips

Mitch is new to school he recently moved into a village with new foster parents but he had a secret, he’s secretly a vampire and anyone who’s known hasn’t lived until jay comes along making mitch slowly falling in love. Will they be a thing?


3. congratulations

*its been a week or so since mitch and jays little fun afternoon but since then jays been sick every morning, always hungry and has felt weaker then usual my foster parents moved to Spain leaving me the house so jay moved in and obviously me and him shared a bedroom*

Mitch: *he woke and nudged jay* wakey wakey

Jay: morning *he sat up*

Mitch: finally you’ve stopped being sick, right?

Jay: *he shook his head before running to the bathroom and started to throw up in the toilet*

Mitch: *he had a thought* hey, jay?

Jay: *he came back and sat on the bed* yea *he looked at mitch*

Mitch: I’ve had a thought, maybe your pregnant

Jay: what? How?

Mitch: *he gave jay a pregnancy test* just go pee on this*

*jay did as he was told and came back 6 minutes later with the test*

Mitch: now we wait and see if I was right or wrong

*it had been a few minutes before mitch picked up the pregnancy test and looked he saw 2 pink lines which meant positive*

Jay: so? Am I?

Mitch: *he looked at jay and nodded*

Jay: how? I’m male?

Mitch: erm I forgot to tell you that male vampires have a chance of getting pregnant...please don’t get mad

Jay: why didn’t you tell me before we had sex

Mitch: I’m very forgetful but there’s a plus vampire babies don’t take 9 months to develop, they take about 2 to 3 months

Jay: that’s good I guess *he looked at his stomach* I-it’s gotten big? Already?

Mitch: in another week we can see the gender

Jay: really?

*mitch nodded and smiled*

Jay: when I have this baby please don’t leave me *he started to tear up*

Mitch: now why would I do that? I have the best boyfriend anyone could have asked for and a beautiful baby on the way

Jay: *he blushed a little before gently feeling the bump*

Mitch: *he gently rubbed his hand on the bump being careful* just make sure you have loads of blood

*jay nodded before opening the fridge full of blood which jay called the “blood fridge”*

Mitch: could you get me one while your there please *jay nodded and gave Mitch a blood bag as jay started to drink his*

Jay: where will I go?

Mitch: what do you mean?

Jay: when I go into labour?

Mitch: oh it’ll be a home birth

Jay: what if something happens to the baby what i-...

Mitch: if it gets hurt? It’s a vampire it won’t get hurt

Jay: whatever, you coming to the scan next week

Mitch: what day?

Jay: Thursday, I told you yesterday

Mitch: calm down

Jay: whatever *he crossed his arms*

*mitch slowly went behind jay and wrapped his arms around his waist*

Mitch: you know you can’t stay mad at me for long

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~end of chapter, so what will the gender of the baby be? What about the name?

P.s sorry about short chapter don’t worry the next chapter will be longer and more interesting

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