Journey Through Zalimor

Dean Val finally gets his starter today on his 12th birthday. Has tradition once you turn 12 in Zalimor. Dean will go on a tremendous journey through Zalimor on his quest to become the Zalimor Region Champion! But it'll be a tough one as the eight gym leaders and Team Time will get in his way from his dream. Will his pokemon friends and rivals help him become the very best? Or the very worst?


3. The Injured Riolu

"Wow! What a battle!" says the Youngster over here on Route 202. We've been battling lots of trainers here on Route 202. Especially Shinx. I want it to get strong for our gym battle! "Thanks! Nice job dude!" I say and run off, that was the last trainer on this route. "Yes! We're here guys! Bellburg City!" I say, Bellburg City is known for it's wide variety of flowers. "Hello there! I'm Officer Jenny! I'll need to check your Pokedex!" Officer Jenny asks, "Sure thing!" I say, "OK! Thank you Dean! Enjoy your stay at Bellburg City!" She says, "Thank you! I will!" I say and head out into the city.


"OK guys! We got a whole day of training to do since the gym is closed until tomorrow!" I say to my pokemon, "OK! Let's start on Route 203!" We head out to Route 203 and start battling trainers until, "Huh?" I see a Riolu out in the open fields in Axin Forest. "Guys lets go help it!" We run out there and take it back to the Pokemon Center. "What a minute! I've seen this Riolu before!" says Nurse Joy, "You have? Where?" I ask, " started about a month ago....

This Riolu's caught this pokemon and battled hard with it...when it was time to battle at the Bellburg lost...the trainer was mad since the Gym used Dark Types and it had the advantage...he left it out in Axin Forest when it was fainted...when it woke up it was roaming Bellburg City for food, water, it's trainer, but he had already gotten to Westcove by then...ever since then it's been hoping he'd come back for him..." I'm almost brought to tears by the makes me sick to see someone abandon a pokemon like that. "Huh?" The Riolu was awake the whole time and was crying to. "Hey it's OK!" I tell it, "I heard all about must hurt to have that happen...tell you what? I'll take you with me on my journey! We'll beat that Gym Leader! We'll show him, where ever he is, how strong you are!" It lights it up! I put it in a Pokeball and we head to the Bellburg Hotel, famous for it's flower garden. We rent a room and talk strategy since tomorrow is the day of the big battle.

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