Journey Through Zalimor

Dean Val finally gets his starter today on his 12th birthday. Has tradition once you turn 12 in Zalimor. Dean will go on a tremendous journey through Zalimor on his quest to become the Zalimor Region Champion! But it'll be a tough one as the eight gym leaders and Team Time will get in his way from his dream. Will his pokemon friends and rivals help him become the very best? Or the very worst?


1. The Big Day

I can't wait! It's finally today! My 12th birthday! I'll get to go to Prof. Maple's lab and choose my starter today! Oh yea, I'm Dean Val! I live in Calico Town in the Zalimor Region! It's a great place! Nice and peaceful! "Dean! Your breakfast is getting cold! You don't wanna be late to meet Prof. Maple!" Mom calls up. I better hurry. "Coming mom!" My dad works at Dellford Gym all the way by the Pokemon League! He'd be proud to see me going! I'll have to challenge him soon if I want to become the Zalimor League Champion! I eat my cereal quickly and get my backpack and hat and head out. "Oh Dean!" Mom calls, "Take this Pokedex! Prof. Maple sent it to me yesterday! Now go have fun!" "Love you mom! See you soon!" I call as I give her a hug and head out to the lab.


"Welcome Dean!" Says Prof. Maple, "You've grown almost a foot! Wasn't a week since I last saw you?" I reply, "It was a month Aunt Maple..." Prof. Maple is my mom's older sister and I'm almost forced to call her "aunt" instead of "professor." "We have a fine selection of pokemon for you to choose from!" Says Prof. Maple, "Let me go get them!" Prof. Maple hurries down to her research dorm and comes back with three pokemon. "We have the Grass - Type pokemon Treecko!" The Treecko looks a little tired and rusty, but I don't want it. "Then we have the Water - Type pokemon Popplio!" The Popplio looks a little like a try hard, but I already know which one I want. "Finally we have the Fire - Type pokemon Fennekin!" The Fennekin is staring at me cautiously. Not making a sound or movement. "Hey there buddy! Wanna go on a journey with me?" I ask it. It jumps up with glee! "Good choice!" Says Prof. Maple. "Now here's it's Pokeball and 10 more empty Pokeballs!" I take them. "OK Fennekin I wanna keep you out for a little bit!" I say. *BANG* the door shoots open! A kid comes running down the alley, gasping for breath. "I'm...I'!" Says the kid. "Oh Reed. You must've slept in again didn't you?" Says Prof. Maple. "Well I still have your Treecko here. I kept it separate from this one." "Thanks Prof. Maple!" Says Reed, "I'll take great care of it!" "I know you will Reed. Here's it's Pokeball and 10 more!" Prof. Maple gives Reed the Pokeballs. "Thanks!" says Reed, "Wait...your Dean aren't you?" asks Reed, "Yea, why?" I ask curiously. "Your Drakison's son! Man you must be tough! Can we battle? Please, please please!" Reed asks, "Well, why not?" I say, "I wanna see how strong my Fennekin is!" "Awesome!" says Reed, "OK Treecko...LET'S BATTLE!" "OK you two...but don't break anything." says Prof. Maple, but her words were drowned out by the adrenaline coming through me.

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