Journey Through Zalimor

Dean Val finally gets his starter today on his 12th birthday. Has tradition once you turn 12 in Zalimor. Dean will go on a tremendous journey through Zalimor on his quest to become the Zalimor Region Champion! But it'll be a tough one as the eight gym leaders and Team Time will get in his way from his dream. Will his pokemon friends and rivals help him become the very best? Or the very worst?


4. Our First Gym Battle

"Here we are guys! Bellburg Gym!" I say, Riolu looks nervous, "Hey, it's fine, even if we lose, I won't do what that other guy did to you, promise!" The Riolu nodes and we head in. "Welcome to the Bellburg Gym! I'm Luna! Your challange today..." Luna studs off, " that, that kids Riolu? The one that go left behind in Axin Forest?" "Yes," I say, "But we're gonna show you how strong he is!" "I like that determination!" Luna says, "Let the battle start!" We head over to the battle field. Only the middle is lit up and the edge by the ref. "The rules of this battle are simple! Each side will have the use of two pokemon! Only the challanger will be allowed to substitute pokemon!" "OK!" I say, "Let the battle begin!" "Alright! Go! Absol!" Luna send out an Absol, "OK! Go! Riolu!" I send him out and we start fighting. "Use Brick Break!" I call, "Dodge it!" The Absol is fast for an Absol. "OK! Riolu! Use Agility!" My Riolu's speed goes up a ton. "Absol use Slash!" It hits Riolu. "Oh no!" It's wounded badly, "Return Riolu! You'll get your chance again!" I call, "What will you do now?" Luna mocks, "This! Go! Fennekin!" I send him out. "Absol use Slash!" Luna calls, "Fennekin use Flame Charge!" They collide, the Absol faints and so does Fennekin. "Huh?" I call out, the's a Zorua! "That's why it was so fast! It was an Zorua! Who knew Allusion!" "That's right!" Says Luna, "Now the real battle begins! Go! Absol!" The real Absol comes out this time, "GO! RIOLU!" I shout, Riolu comes out looking ready to fight. "Absol use Bite!" The Absol comes right at Riolu, "Riolu dodge and use Brick Break!" Riolu barley avoids the attack and hits the Absol in the side. It faints. "No! Absol!" "The Gym Leaders pokemon are unable to battle! Dean from Calico Town wins!" The ref calls but I'm already out there. "You did a nice job Absol! Get a long rest." I hear Luna call as she puts her Absol back in the Pokeball. "Nice job Riolu!" I say, "Let's get our badge!" "Here's the Night Badge!" says Luna, "Awesome! Our first badge!" I say thank you for the battle and head out to Route 203 with my pokemon, Sandburrow Town is next.

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