Journey Through Zalimor

Dean Val finally gets his starter today on his 12th birthday. Has tradition once you turn 12 in Zalimor. Dean will go on a tremendous journey through Zalimor on his quest to become the Zalimor Region Champion! But it'll be a tough one as the eight gym leaders and Team Time will get in his way from his dream. Will his pokemon friends and rivals help him become the very best? Or the very worst?


2. A Big Win

"TREECKO USE ABSORB!" yelled Reed, "It's not very effective Reed." said Prof. Maple, "FENNEKIN USE EMBER!" I yelled, it knocks it out completely. "Oh, Treecko! It's OK. It WAS a type advantage!" said Reed, "Yes, Reed, Grass types have a huge disadvantage to Fire types!" said Prof. Maple. "Well I'm gonna go catch some more pokemon to get the upper hand on you Dean! Catch ya later!" Reed says as he runs out the door. "I better head out to!" I call to Prof. Maple, "Oh Dean!" Prof. Maple calls, second time today, "Take this badge case! You'll need it if you want to become the Champion!" "Thanks Aunt Maple!" I give her a hug and head out to Route 201. I better train my Fennekin if I want to beat the first gym leader!


"Fennekin, use Ember on that Pidgey!" We've been training for about an hour. But it'll be worth it soon! "Nice job, Fennekin!" I give him a little pet on the head. It's nice having a companion out here. "Huh?" I hear a rumble in the grass, A Shinx comes out. It looks winded. "Oh Fennekin we gotta help it!" Sure we're battle and this Shinx would be an easy win, but I feel bad. I carry it to Obb Town and we get it healed up. Now it looks really happy. In fact it wants to battle! "OK Fennekin! Use Ember!" It burns it and I throw a Pokeball at it. "One....two.....three...YES! Our first Pokemon captured!" We take Shinx out and go straight back to the Pokemon Center. "NO! Stop that please!" We just healed up and headed out the door when I hear Nurse Joy cry out. "What's going on?" I ask but it didn't take long to find out. "We got the pokemon sis!" I hear the boy say, "Right back at ya bro!" The girl says, "Um, first off why are you kids dressed like that, and second, why are you stealing these pokemon?" I ask, "'Cause we're Team Time, kid!" They say in sink. "Who are you? Team Time?" I ask, I've heard of Team Rocket, Aqua, Magma, Galactic, Plasma, Flare, and Skull, but not Team Time. "Well, well, well, we got a no brainier over here! Times short kid, so listen up! We steal pokemon to power up a device we're working on to capture a legendary pokemon! The Pokemon of time!" The boy says, "Yea, now get out of our way!" The girl says, "No." I say, "I won't let you take those pokemon!" "Fine, your time has ran out!" They say, then they send out their pokemon. "GO! ZORUA!" The boy sends out, "GO! SKITTY!" The girl send out, this will be a piece of cake since my Fennekin just learned Flame Charge and my Shinx apparently knows a Fighting type move. "Fennekin us Flame Charge on the Skitty! Shinx use Rock Smash on Zorua!" It knocks the two Pokemon out straight away. "No! our pokemon!" They say, "You'll pay for this! Your times running out!" They give me the pokemon and run out. "Thank you dear trainer! Thank you!" says Nurse Joy, "You should really head out to Bellburg City! The Gym Leader there is tough! You can test your skills out there!" I say thank you and I will and the Pokemon and I head out, next stop, Bellburg City!

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