My Anatomy and Physiology Nightmare

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2. March 24, 2018

Welcome back strangers, the nightmare continues. Today we are continuing a lecture on urine! It's really thrilling... but evidently not quite enough to keep my attention. Wanna know what I'm thinking about? A book I'm reading.. not the one i'm writing.. the one I am currently reading! It is SO GOOD! I just got the book last week over spring break and it has taken over my free time like you would not believe. Now some of you are probably wondering what the book is called while fewer of you might be wondering how my spring break is. Lets start with the spring break. Well a little over a year ago now my boyfriend and I made plans to spend this spring break together considering next year I plan on being busy with the nursing program... Well fast forward to this spring break and guess what? Although we DID spend it together - Which was nice don't get me wrong- We spent the beginning of it at a tournament for a club team he is on at his university which was a fact that upset me almost the entire time. Along with the fact that there was also a women's club team that we hung around, which was fine except one of the girls on the team has a HUGE thing for my love bug and she was NOT afraid to hide it and in fact was very rude to me. and a third thing... HIS FAMILY... they bugged...and bugged... and BUGGED him to come home.. and so we had to return earlier than planned. we fought hard on Monday before we came back home... I mean one of those almost break up fights.. It was horrible and he was so rude.. and hurtful.. some of the things he said just keep running through my head, I mean it was only a little over a week ago. He has been trying hard to make up for it but its working slowly. Ummm along with that we have stopped having intercourse and re-committed ourselves to the catholic church -into which I will be baptized the night before Easter- BUT before that we were having intercourse very often and now I am facing a pregnancy - 6 days late at the moment- which I feel excited about but worried about what other people might think... I took 3 tests last week and they all came back negative but I hear that it might have been too early so I should test again if I don't start it 10 days -4 to go- which I will... on a bright side the rest of the break was great and my lovely jerk face boyfriend's mother apologized to me for 3 years of being less that kind to me -much less I could tell you some stories- and the week finished out strong! Now we're back to a regular week and its boring and i'm tired and obviously having trouble focusing while stuffing my face, at this point I have eaten one bag of fruit snacks, one bag of cheese itz, and one bag of beef jerky... it was alll very good but it did not fill me up and I just want more.. help me. maybe some of you are wondering why it is I don't just talk to someone in class.. easy answer... they are all much older or don'y care to talk to me. Which is cool I guess more time for me to write and whatever. It's possible that others of you are simply wondering why it is I cannot pay attention to this very expensive class I paid for.. Not such an easy answer.. I don't know why I can't but I certainly try.. I just get all caught up in my head and sometimes it helps me focus more later to just find a release for all of these thoughts bouncing around in my head. speaking of.. ever wonder if you're a loud chewer? I do! anytime I eat anything anywhere.. especially crunchy things.. I can't really enjoy them unless I am home or around people I am comfortable with because I spend the entire time trying to minimize the sound of my crunching as much as possible. I wonder if my professor knows I am not paying attention or just thinks I am trying really hard to type everything he says.. He is a nice guy so I doubt he would call me out if he noticed I wasn't. Right now he is going on and on about Tubular secretion. I am only catching bits and pieces of this lecture... I did much better on monday -you'll notice there is not entry for that date- buuuut I was also like 30 minutes late... uggggh WHY AM I LIKE THIS? Ahh well it is what it is. goodbye everyone! until next time! OH! and I almost forgot the book is called "The Couple Next Door" by Shari Lapena. I recommend it. Bye!

-Sincerely, A stressed out college student

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