My Anatomy and Physiology Nightmare

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1. February 28, 2018

Welcome to my Anatomy and Physiology nightmare, you may think you're starting at the beginning but really you're coming into the middle of things. Don't worry i'll catch you up. My entire life I thought I had everything figured out, when I was little I just knew what I wanted to be and that more than anything else was to be... a mom... did I lose you there? Yeah, Yeah I know I'm getting there. As I got older my interests changed and although I still want to be a mom I knew that I needed to add a career to that. As a child and still as an adult I have enjoyed helping people AND been so interested in the details and inner workings of the Human body... I would hear stories from my aunt - who is a nurse- about the craziest things and I could listen to her talk about it for hours! So naturally once I got to high school with my interest already peaked in the medical field I took every single medical class they offered and I was intrigued still more, jump ahead to my senior year in high school and the only class left for me to take was Anatomy and Physiology and I ... LOVED it... I left class everyday telling every single detail of the class to my very patient boyfriend. I was even fortunate enough to shadow a couple of nurses and doctors at the hospital and I was over the moon excited for my future occupation. Jump ahead again to my freshman year in college and of course Anatomy and Physiology was a part of my first course load.. It was harder that I thought it would be but I still managed to sail out of it with an A-! Not too shabby... Now at this point you might be wondering what it is I do to pay for this class load.. you're not? Oh well I'm gonna tell you anyways... I. am. A NINJA!...............Yeeeeeahh okay so i'm actually not but I might as well be. I work with babies at a daycare center that I attended when I was little and man is it some work and yes, yes it did make me second guess my career choice that I had believed was rock solid since I was 2! Now jump ahead yet another time to the beginning of my second semester for my Sophomore year in College Anatomy and Physiology 2! I'm so excited to learn EVEN MORE about the human body that I already have!!!!! except.... no professor on day one.. or day two.. or day three... dang. Well DAY 4 we lucked out with an amazing professor.... who was only covering for the day and assured us he would do everything in his power to find us an official professor for our class who would be patient and do their best to catch us up! Well folks he didn't let us down, come class 5 we had a wonderful permanent professor! Jump ahead one last time to present day. Right now. My Nightmare. I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT I'M DOING! comforting words from one of the worlds future nurses!  I am about ehhh 90% sure I just failed my second practical and as I sit here in class listening to the professor all I can think about is food and sleep... maybe a early I have to get up in the morning... that I get to see my boyfriend this weekend (yeah its the same one -3 years and counting!-) and just about anything else you can think of BUT A&P II... So how is that an Anatomy and Physiology nightmare you ask? because I can't focus and If I can't focus I can't pass which makes me stressed and the stress takes my attention even more and so basically here I am writing this chapter instead of focusing. YUP, nightmare... better luck next class... stay tuned for more! 

-Sincerely,  A stressed out college student

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