prison home

story of twins
tradegy, sacrifice, love and war is at risk in this no good time
clare and sarah have to pull through but freedom buys them out,
War heros need their help: their father is causing trouble and they need someone who knows him best.
one to train as a x-wing pilot one as a jedi, the twins must fight for life in the legendary Rebel Alliance Vs The Empire war.


10. Shock of scouts (Mara's POV)

 I get shaken awake and someone yelling at someone else. not in our group.

"Washemaer?" i mumble sleeply.

"Mara, wake up! Someone's here!" Kyp responded.

"will someone help me! i am stuck under Kyp and Mara!" Corran Yelled.

he started to squirm and move, he ended up making Kyp and i fall ontop of him.

"Gerroff me!" he yelp.

"it's your fault for moving!" Kyp yelled.

" Enough!" Luke yelled angrily.

we stopped arguing and look up.

"are you going to help me or what?" he demanded.

"yes Master." we replied.

We saw the scout team before Luke even noticed.

"looks like we got something new!" said the young man in Black and green.

"yep, and they have been here for... 3 hours?" Said a lady in the same uniform.

"Any weapons?" asked the boy.

"we'll harm you if you..." Kyp said bravely but didn't finish because he was shot. he screamed in pain.

"Now what was that for?"  i scream at the shooter, who had just stepped out of the shadow of a large tree.

"well, first off he threatened my team. Second, You do have weapons so no big deal." Said the man, who appeared to be a General.

"Who's side are you on?!" demanded Corron. 

A wookie growled threatingly.

"Rebels of cours. And you're Imperials?" asked General Suppose-it-all.

"No! We're Republicans on a group by group search." Luke replied coldly

the team below us looked very confused at this.

"Republic? that was crushed by the Empire over 18 years ago! there's no such thing!" Cried the lady.

it was our turn to look confused. suddenly there was crashing noise and the rest of our team came. and so did the shouting begun.

"You dare challenge our Master?!" Yelled Baby Jaina.

Jacen giggled.

"Uncle! What are you doing up there? Come down!" he yelled Cheerfully.

"Trying to!" i yelled at him.

"Master, eh? What are you doing here?" asked the boy in black and green.

"We told you already the reason why!" I yell in anger.

"Oh OK, uh, Wicket! let them down!" The General Ordered.

A little ewok walk up to us and lowered the net. we got up and stretched.

"We're going to need to heal Kyp before we go on!" Corron said.

"i can do a healing trance!" i suggested.

"welcome to our world." says the young man.

"No, i mean it!" i snap at him so angrily that he took 5 steps back. 

someone whistled.

we followed the scouts to an ewok cononly.

"Welcome to the Endor Rebel Base!" said the General cheerfully.

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