prison home

story of twins
tradegy, sacrifice, love and war is at risk in this no good time
clare and sarah have to pull through but freedom buys them out,
War heros need their help: their father is causing trouble and they need someone who knows him best.
one to train as a x-wing pilot one as a jedi, the twins must fight for life in the legendary Rebel Alliance Vs The Empire war.


9. realiseation of life. (Mara's POV)

 i turn and run through the under growth like a speeder bike on a mad rampage. I mean it I was that scared.

"down turn back and fight! she's stronger than we last saw her and she may be better than before! just keep running!"

"what about calling the others?" Kyp asked.

"we'll lead them into battle and they'll be dead by the time they know who they're fighting so best if we ran and lead her away!"

i didn't want to believe what my sister had become. i thought she was dead.

But she had been caught.

by the Empire.

And been twisted into one of their own.

best if the Jedi didn't know.

"Corran! get to the scouts and warn them about her! make sure they are prepared!"

"Master, how did you know there were scouts in the area?" Corron Horn asked.

"Because i sensed them nearby! i hope they haven't been caught by... Arrrgh!" he yelp.

we ended up hoisted into the air by a net, made of strong vines.

"...Imperials. Great. We're going to have to bust ourselves out. i have been in an Ewok net. they are strong to snap, but not cut." he finished.

i sigh and thought This is going to be a long night.

i start to go into a Jedi trance and before i was swallowed by darkness, i had a received thought from Luke.

Yes, yes it will.

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