prison home

story of twins
tradegy, sacrifice, love and war is at risk in this no good time
clare and sarah have to pull through but freedom buys them out,
War heros need their help: their father is causing trouble and they need someone who knows him best.
one to train as a x-wing pilot one as a jedi, the twins must fight for life in the legendary Rebel Alliance Vs The Empire war.


2. last time. (sarahs POV)

WE found out he was ditching us. onto the waste land of Jakku.

"please why won't you understand?! we've done what you've planned and we cannot be free?!" my sister yelled

" your purpose is needed elsewhere. now go pack your things." our father calmly said

that was the last we saw of him. but not the last we heard. a rebel had been tracking our mom for our entire lifetime, and when our father left he attacked. but our fathers ship had been too big for the small vessel so he shot down the poor man. we don't know the man's name but we know one thing: he risked his life for ours. that's what rebels do. risk their lives for others. we live on jakku for 3 years before we are final rescued. by a rebel. a war hero we heard of after the death star  blew up alderan. he came in a freighter, a wide ship the size of a small cruiser from alderan but a little bigger. when it landed a man came out in black. I couldn't see his face because of the hood he was wearing. he told the guard to tell the boss to talk to him. he led him into the hut and didn't come out after 10 minutes. we thought someone had died when the boss yelled out what. he came out with the boy and walked towards us.

"Sarah, Clare, come with me with... this kid." he snarled.

'we follow to our hut and he turns around.

"you are freed by this..loon. enjoy it." he says and spits on the dust at the doorway.

he turns and leaves. the boy turns to Clare and puts his head down.

and spoke.

" it was necisary that you left here. your father is causing trouble for the rebels so we need someone who knows him best." he said.

"who are you?" Clare asks.

" I should tell you when we leave." he answered.

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