prison home

story of twins
tradegy, sacrifice, love and war is at risk in this no good time
clare and sarah have to pull through but freedom buys them out,
War heros need their help: their father is causing trouble and they need someone who knows him best.
one to train as a x-wing pilot one as a jedi, the twins must fight for life in the legendary Rebel Alliance Vs The Empire war.


6. conscious (sarah's POV)

i wake to find myself wedged under rubble. I remember the explosion and something crushing down on me. I had somehow managed to survived. I get myself out to find there was no one there. I was alone, probably feared dead by my colleagues. my sister must believe it too. I look up just in time to see an explosion in space, and debris falling.i run away from the debris, arms over my head. like it's going to work. my sister can do it just by the Force, I can't be trained. I see an Imperial Star Destroyer land to my right. they catch me and take me aboard.

"Chermeria is the name of this ship, Rebel scum, obey us or suffer the consequences. join us if you please."says the captain."or die in space."

I can't die. not yet. I have no choice but join.

"i'll join."

a wicked smile comes across his face.

"I am Gran Admiral Thrawn. you are now the Emporers Hand. we will have your memorie removed." he says slowly. 

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