Asher Dubinski

Meet Evelyn. She lives in a town in Poland, and her father is very rich. Evelyn is very socially awkward and doesn't have any friends, really. Only people she knew because of her father. One day, her father and her get in an argument, and she runs away. When Evelyn enters the woods, she travels to the year 1939, during WW2, and meets a charming young man named Asher Dubinski, and her life changes drastically.


1. Prologue

  Oh hello there. Nice to meet you, my name is Evelyn Matthews, and I am the daughter of the richest man in town. You might call me the 'spoiled' rich girls you see in movies, but I try to stray away from that kind of title as much as possible. I live in one of those towns that nobody even knows exists, in Poland. I didn't always live here, though, I used to live him New York City, I still wish I did to be honest.

 Where I live I don't really have friends, and I am fine with that. Its just, I wish people would at least say hi occasionally, I feel so trapped being at a school, with so many people, and yet its as if I don't even exist. Sometimes I just want to scream "I'M HERE!" on top of my lungs until someone would notice me. Then again, that would just make me seem crazy, wouldn't it?

 The rare chance someone would say hello to me, its usually for money, gum, a pencil, or whatever I had that they should get for themselves. I'd be okay with that if it didn't come across as if I was selfish. I'm not, not really.. I just like to keep my stuff to myself. That's probably why I don't have any friends except for an 81 year old lady who lives next to me. 

 Enough about my life story, it's quite boring isn't it? Let me tell you about how my life changed. It started one normal day of my life, on August 1st, 2010

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