Read about the life and of Commander/Lieutenant of Combat Unit One, Kaoru "Hime" Koto. Her adventures with her friend's Ally, Commander Higashiyama and Yukimoto and Rumiko. She meets her new teammate named Aoi Tanaka. What will they tackle?

* This is a Spin-Off of Haru/My Rare Treasure
I have a side series called Rumiko's Story.


1. Prologue

Kaoru "Hime" Koto is currently Commander of the Combat Unit One of the Headquarters. She feels the world is on her shoulders at times. The ranking has its benefits. She feels she needs something interesting to happen. She calls up her old friend Alice "Ally" Rosalite is currently Commander of Combat Unit Two of Headquarters. They always hang out every once in awhile. On the way out the Ally asks Kaoru "You look so bored and tired, you need some excitement." I pass my position by itself it overwhelming at times. I just wish I had some help. Kaoru replied. I need to find you a guy. Ally replied. Whatever, I am heading home. Kaoru complained. Kaoru you sound like an old lady, you are twenty-one sweetie. Ally replied. I'm not going out. Kaoru replied. Kaoru gets into her car and drives off. Soon as she gets into her house, she just passes out on the couch. What will happen soon as she wakes up? Stay Tuned.

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